Paracelsus Recovery

By The Fix staff 08/07/17

 Paracelsus Recovery is a luxury rehab based out of peaceful and beautiful Zurich, Switzerland offering residential treatment for a single client at a time.

Paracelsus Recovery
Location : Zurich, Switzerland
Phone : +41 52 624 63 33
Price : $75,000 USD (one week) $21,125 (additional, for full medical tests and care)
Overall :
Accommodations :
Treatment :
Food :
Insurance : No
Detox : Yes

Introduction and Basic Services

Treating substance and process addictions as well as co-occurring emotional and eating disorders, Paracelsus Recovery is a luxury rehab based out of peaceful and beautiful Zurich, Switzerland. Founded in 2012 as a family business, the facility offers residential treatment for a single client at a time. As such, care is about as personalized as it gets.

Facility and Meals

Located in a luxury apartment complex overlooking Zurich’s marina with calming mountain views in the background, Paracelsus Recovery is a 2,700 square feet residence.

The bedroom, outfitted with an en-suite bathroom, has a large suede bed flanked by an abstract expressionist painting. There is a separate bedroom for the client’s live-in therapist.

In-suite therapy rooms are spacious and bright, with comfortable seating for both the clinician and the client beside as a calming landscape painting. The living room is roomy and well lit, with an audio system as well as a TV with international channels and Apple TV among other electronic amenities.

The whole apartment has high-speed Internet for convenient computer use. For those who would prefer to work or browse at a desk, a modern office area is available, complete with a Dyson bladeless fan and Bose speaker system.

A second, warmly lit lounge area boasts a fireplace, leather chairs, and a bronze telescope and globe as well as a model ship.

In addition, there is a fully-stocked kitchen for the resident’s personal chef. The apartment’s brightly lit dining room is outfitted with modern furniture and fresh flowers as well as modular storage space.

Clients may instead stay at a hotel for an additional charge; recommended are the castle-like Dolder Grand or the Park Hyatt Zurich.

Treatment Protocol and Team

Detox is available off site at a hospital if needed. Residential treatment typically lasts four to eight weeks.

Because of the 15-to-one staff-to-client ratio, clients spend a full eight to 10 hours a day in either one-on-one therapy or other forms of completely individualized treatment. The client has an around-the-clock live-in therapist and 24/7 medical supervision and also undergoes a number of medical check-ups. Though the basis of treatment is the organization’s own Paracelsus Treatment Model, actual care is individually tailored to each client both overall and through daily adjustments as needed.

Such individualization is based, at least to begin, off medical evaluations like EEG brain scans and comprehensive laboratory tests that check for imbalances of neurotransmitters or amino acids; glucose or nutrient deficiencies; internal inflammation and oxidative cell stress; adrenal and endocrine problems, and gland functions and gut health, including a closer look at its biome, a particularly novel approach that is gaining speed across scientific communities. This biochemical approach allows Paracelsus Recovery to prescribe a specific set of nutritional and probiotic supplements to the client’s need, as well as target any other treatments that may be beneficial to the individual. The two-day assessment comes at an additional cost.

After the assessment, clients typically undergo a mix of psychotherapy, psychoeducation, lifestyle and spiritual coaching, yoga, addiction counseling, EMDR, CBT, spiritual counseling, biofeedback and bio-resonance. Treatment may include a focus on any co-occurring chronic pain, trauma, abuse, personality disorders, depression or burnout as well as any other disorders or issues.

Treatment staff includes psychiatrists, addictions counselors, a psychotherapist, medical doctors, nurses, acupuncturists, a yoga therapist, personal trainers and a nutritionist.

The program is not 12-step based but those who choose to participate in it can certainly be accommodated. Family therapy is also available upon request.

Outpatient and aftercare treatment is charged for by the hour or day, with a proposed plan given upfront. The plan may include a therapist who travels back with the client in order to assist with ongoing individual therapy as well as family or couple’s therapy. Additionally, it may also involve ongoing nutritional supplement and medication care or remote supervision by the facility’s chief psychiatrist via phone or Skype.

Bonus Amenities

Stays include limousine transportation, a personal chef, butler, maids and secretarial service. Also included is a 24/7 concierge.

A huge spa and fitness center are off-site at the luxurious Dolder Grand hotel. On-site tennis instruction, reflexology, fitness training, acupuncture, Satori therapy, alpha-stim therapy and massage therapy are available.


Paracelsus Recovery is in an elite category of rehabs that give individualized attention to a single client at a time. For those seeking discretion, luxurious housing, plenty of amenities, a thorough medical assessment and myriad therapeutic modalities, or simply just the benefits of completely personalized care, Paracelsus is the ideal place to seek treatment.

Paracelsus Recovery

Address undisclosed to protect client privacy

Zurich, Switzerland

+41 52 624 63 33

[email protected]

Paracelsus Recovery Cost: $75,000 USD (one week); $21,125 (additional, for full medical tests and care). Find Paracelsus Recovery on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn

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