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By The Fix staff 08/07/17

Pacific Bay Recovery was founded in 2012 in the picturesque Mission Bay area of San Diego. The organization offers detox, residential and outpatient care to adult men and women seeking substance abuse treatment.

Pacific Bay Recovery
Location : 1501 5th Ave, Ste 202 San Diego, CA 92101
Phone : (858) 263-9700
Price : $30,000 (30 days)
Overall :
Accommodations :
Treatment :
Food :
Insurance : No
Detox : Yes

Introduction and Basic Services

Pacific Bay Recovery was founded in 2012 in the picturesque Mission Bay area of San Diego. The organization offers detox, residential and outpatient care to adult men and women seeking substance abuse treatment. Pacific Bay Recovery operates several facilities. These include gender-specific residential homes, transitional living condos and a clinical office. Pacific Bay Recovery specializes in treating chronic pain and the dependence and addiction issues that often result.

Facility and Meals

The two residential houses are located on the edge of old town overlooking San Diego, one for men and another for women. Both houses consist of six private bedrooms and six bathrooms. The bedrooms have large beds, bedside tables, side chairs and closet spaces. The houses consist of a common area with comfy leather couches and chairs, bookshelves, and a dining table next to a kitchen area. Pacific Bay Recovery does not allow TV or cell phones during the primary phase of treatment.

When clients feel ready, they can transfer into a group of sober living condos that Pacific Bay runs. The condos are all two-bedroom units, with one twin-sized bed in each room. The units also have a small living area and kitchen. The building has a fitness center on site with elliptical and workout machines. Pacific Bay also has a CADAC counselor who lives in the condo building and is available to the clients in the evenings and weekends.

Every week, residents receive a grocery allowance of $150, they create a list of items they want and the staff members will take then to do the shopping. On Thursdays, Pacific Bay offers a weekly nutrition class with an on-site chef; family and friends are welcome to attend this event.

Treatment Protocol and Team

When clients begin treatment at Pacific Bay, they undergo an in-depth examination that covers medical, cognitive, neurocognitive, musculoskeletal and psychological issues. The goal of this examination is to help create a treatment plan that best addresses the client’s individual needs. There is a medical detox program, which typically lasts for about seven days. During detox, clients receive 24/7 medical support and attention. Clients undergoing intense alcohol withdrawal symptoms are offered Vivitrol and Revia. For clients experiencing opiate withdrawal, Pacific Bay also offers Suboxone, Subutex and methadone treatment.

The residential treatment program lasts for 90 days and consists of both group and individual therapy out of the San Diego office. A typical day includes treatment from 8:30 am to 4:40 pm and Pacific Bay utilizes a number of treatment methods including CBT, DBT and group coping sessions. The organization also offers shame and guilt management seminars, relapse prevention planning and communication skills classes. During their lunch break, clients are encouraged to attend outside AA and NA meetings.

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) at Pacific Bay can be entered into directly or after leaving the residential program. Although the exact length and intensity of the IOP is based on the needs of the client, most attend the IOP two to four days a week for two to four hours at a time. Just like the residential program, the IOP consists of both group and individual meetings but also includes psychoeducation and physical restorative therapy. Counselors use holistic methods such as yoga, hypnotherapy and spiritual therapy.

The organization offers private sessions with the counselor, client and their family members upon the consent. These meetings aim to address family issues that may have led to the clients’ substance abuse and aim to establish healthy communication practices in the family.

Pacific Bay is equipped to provide dual diagnosis support and offers both 24-hour nursing and physician support as well as individual sessions with a mental health counselor for clients with co-occurring disorders. The rest of the staff consists of CADAC, LADCs, MFTs, psychologists and psychiatrists. Pacific Bay employs over 110 employees and aims to have at least a two-to-one staff to client ratio on-site at all times.

Bonus Amenities

Apart from conventional sessions, clients enjoy yoga, Tai Chi, acupuncture, massages and aqua therapy. Clients in the residential program also attend a number of recreational activities such as going to the movies, the beach, museums and local community events.


Pacific Bay Recovery offers highly individualized and comprehensive treatment to adult men and women in the San Diego area. The medical staff offers specialized support and treatment for clients with chronic pain and co-occurring disorders. This a great option for those who need specialized medical care and substance abuse treatment in San Diego.

Pacific Bay Recovery

1501 5th Ave, Ste 202

San Diego, CA 92101

(858) 263-9700

[email protected]

Pacific Bay Recovery Cost: $30,000 (30 days). Find Pacific Bay Recovery on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest

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