Ozzy Osbourne Reflects On Sobriety, Mending Family Relations

By Victoria Kim 09/19/17

"Every one of my bad drinking partners are all dead. No one’s come back and said, ‘Hi, Oz, it’s cooler on this side. Come and join us.’”

Ozzy Osbourne

Rock icon Ozzy Osbourne marked a new chapter in his life with a new Rolling Stone interview—in which he reflects on his recovery from drugs and alcohol, as well as a cheating scandal that almost ended his decades-long marriage.

“By all accounts, I should have been dead fucking 40 years ago,” he said. 

The former Black Sabbath frontman said his taste for drugs and alcohol changed when it wasn’t fun anymore. “I didn’t love the way I felt after I got stoned or drunk or both,” he said. His turning point? “When I started waking up covered in my own urine in a fucking gutter.”

“When you don’t like yourself for getting stoned, that’s when you’ve got a real problem,” he said.

More than anything, Ozzy’s recovery has put in focus the sobering reality of his relationship with his family. He told Rolling Stone that he can now admit his shortcomings as a husband and father to his children. “I wasn’t so much of a dad as I was an extra delinquent child for my wife,” he said of his wife of 35 years, Sharon Osbourne, who appeared with two of their children, Jack and Kelly, on the charmingly dysfunctional MTV reality show The Osbournes.

He had an especially harsh awakening when he asked his son Jack, “What the fuck have you ever wanted in your life?” and he replied, “A father.”

“That hit me between the eyes like a fucking rock. I turned to him on the spot: ‘Jack, I’m so fucking sorry,’” Ozzy said. “My ego was running the show. When you bring someone into the world you’ve got a responsibility.” It took a while for the father-of-six to really get it. 

He recalled that pre-sobriety, while Sharon was being a good mother, “I was in a fucking bar on the floor all the time, which I’m not proud of.” But committing to sobriety showed his family that he’s serious about this next chapter of his life. “Being sober gives them hope I’m here to stay. My relationship with my kids now is great.”

This past June the Prince of Darkness was quoted in a Hello! interview, in which he addressed his extramarital affairs and so-called “sex addiction” that came out in 2016. “You don’t know your own mind. I don’t like that side of myself; I hate that guy,” he told Hello!.I’m fed up of being an addict—and it’s not just sex; it can be drugs, alcohol, collecting stamps, anything. There’s no in between with me and it’s really hard work.”

He’s not proud of his infidelity to Sharon, who he calls his “soulmate,” and says he’s done a lot of reflecting in recovery. “When I was a crazy fucker, I’m lucky she didn’t walk out. Now I’m coming on five years clean and sober, and I’ve realized what a fucking idiot I was. I mean, I’m still nuts, but in control of it a bit more,” he told Rolling Stone. “I upset my wife and I upset my family and I made a lot of shock and shame. I love my wife, and it made me realize what a fucking idiot I’ve been.”

The dynamic rock star says his recovery is defined by acceptance, not willpower. “I was saying to Sharon the other day, ‘Every one of my bad drinking partners are all dead. No one’s come back and said, ‘Hi, Oz, it’s cooler on this side. Come and join us,’” he told Rolling Stone. “I want to be around for everyone.”

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