How to Find Treatment for Oxazepam Addiction

By The Fix staff 07/12/19

Use this handy information guide to find out everything about Oxazepam and Oxazepam addiction.

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1. What is Oxazepam?
2. What are the medical uses of Oxazepam?
3. What are the Slang Names for Oxazepam?
4. What is an addiction?
5. Problems with Addiction
6. What are the Oxazepam Addiction Symptoms?
7. What are the Oxazepam Withdrawal Symptoms?
8. Is Drug Rehab for Oxazepam a Solution?
9. Types of Rehabs for Oxazepam
10. Inpatient Rehab Program
11. Outpatient Rehab Program
12. Residential Rehab Program
13. Rehab Payment

What is Oxazepam?

Oxazepam is one of the Benzodiazepines used for mild to intermediate action. Oxazepam belongs to a class of organic compounds called 1, 4-benzodiazepines. They are compounds that contain benzene ring fused to a 1,4-azepine. 

It is a metabolite of prazepam, diazepam, and temazepam, and has moderate anxiolytic, amnesic, anticonvulsant, sedative, hypnotic, and muscle relaxant properties; compared to the other benzodiazepines. 

It comes in tablet and capsule form. Oxazepam is orally administered and gets absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract at a slower rate, unlike the other Benzodiazepines such as diazepam or flurazepam. It delivers its effects in 2-4 hours and these last for around 3 hours.

It relieves anxiety by activating gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) production in the brain. Patients are supposed to take Oxazepam in three intervals per day or one or two tablets in a day. In case the patient is administering the drug to have a better sleep, it’s advisable to take the medication only at bedtime. 

What are the medical uses of Oxazepam?

It helps in the treatment of short-term anxiety associated with depression, acute substance withdrawal, and Oxazepam addiction. It also relieves tension, agitation, and irritability in older patients. Alcohol withdrawal associated with acute tremulousness and inebriation is responsive to Oxazepam. Long term use of Oxazepam, for around four months, is not yet analyzed as being helpful. One should consult a physician before administration.

Oxazepam does not cause a patient to be "high," it has other effects like slurred speech, disorientation, sleepiness, and lack of coordination. When a patient uses Oxazepam for a prolonged period, it leads to an increase in side effects like change in appetite.

What are the Slang Names for Oxazepam?

People who obtain Oxazepam and other addictive medicines without a prescription use slang names. These names help in making a transaction without being catching attention from the authorities. The slang names used for Oxazepam include:

  1. Benzos
  2. Dippers
  3. Blues/ Heavenly Blues
  4. BZDs
  5. Downers
  6. Goofballs
  7. Nerve Pills
  8. Tranks
  9. Zannies
  10.  Footballs

If you find a loved one who exhibits addictive symptoms and uses any of these names in their calls or texts, you must take proper measures to identify if this person suffers from Oxazepam addiction and seek help. 

What is an addiction?

Oxazepam is in the class of Benzodiazepine, which is a drug class that is highly addictive when used for a prolonged time. Even though it works slowly, it increases the risk of abuse and addiction, and an overdose is fatal.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to know the signs of addiction, and this is because Oxazepam is considered a safe and mild drug compared to other active drugs like Klonopin. A patient is more likely to misuse Oxazepam and not know its escalation to abuse and possible Oxazepam addiction.

Problems with Addiction

When a patient has Oxazepam addiction, they always want to obtain a prescription. The addict still has this tendency of going from one doctor to another seeking more of the drug than the prescribed dosage. It’s known as "doctor-shopping," and the patient lies to get more dosage.

It turns into an addiction when the patient craves for more, struggling to control the urge to have Oxazepam and continues to use despite the adverse effects. Oxazepam addiction makes the patient skip work or school, opt to take the drug compared to their favorite activities, and causes difficulties in their relationships with people and healthy social life. 

Oxazepam has sedating effects, and this can cause accidents and injuries to the user. When used with alcohol, it increases sedation effects. Using alcohol alongside Oxazepam addiction increases life-threatening side effects like lightheadedness, unusual dizziness, difficulty breathing, and extreme sleepiness. A chance of an overdose is higher when mixed with opioids, which can be fatal.

What are the Oxazepam Addiction Symptoms?

Oxazepam addiction symptoms are gradually more noticeable and become more evident with continued use of the drug. When noticed in a family member or friend, it’s advisable to seek help and treatment immediately. These symptoms include:

  • Use of Oxazepam other than the doctor's prescription that a patient has.
  • Using Oxazepam without a prescription.
  • Having cravings and withdrawal when not using the drug.
  • Using Oxazepam for different uses other than what it was prescribed for.
  • Tolerance increases on Oxazepam effects.
  • Lying about the use of Oxazepam.
  • Not able to stop the use of Oxazepam even when the patient tries.
  • Not ready to function normally even when not using Oxazepam.
  • Financial issues due to usage and low performance in school and at work.

What are the Oxazepam Withdrawal Symptoms?

With Oxazepam addiction, when the patient immediately stops taking the drug, there are possibilities of experiencing withdrawal. It produces very uncomfortable symptoms, which take effect in 1-2 days when the patient stops the last dose, and the symptoms can last for 2-4 weeks.

The symptoms include:

  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Muscle aches and pains
  • Restlessness
  • Agitation and irritability
  • Poor Concentration
  • Loss of Memory

Is Drug Rehab for Oxazepam a good Solution?

Rehabs are the best option for patients suffering from Oxazepam addiction. Detox programs that are medically supervised take place in hospitals and rehab centers. Medical staff administers medications to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms. Such a solution is safe, comfortable, and ensures support for the Oxazepam addict and prepares them for treatment.

Patients suffering from Oxazepam addiction are recommended to sign up for a detox program that is medically supervised. This is because the withdrawal symptoms are severe, and a detox program helps a great deal in escaping them. 

The program is crucial for recovery, but not without treatment. One of the popular treatment plans is behavioral therapy. It changes the patients' way of thinking and their attitude towards drugs- for instance, cognitive behavioral therapy, commonly known as (CBT), helps the patient with coping skills. The skills help to deal with stressful situations that mostly lead to the use of drugs. Behavioral therapy is still the best in helping with Oxazepam addiction.

Types of Rehabs for Oxazepam

There are several rehab programs, and there are several factors to consider before settling on one. These factors include financial capability, facilities offered, the support services, the cost, amenities, visitation policies, rules and restrictions, distance from home, the reviews, and staff to patient ratio.

Some basic rehab programs like Outpatient program, Inpatient program, and Residential program exist in almost all rehabs. However, the choice depends on the level of Oxazepam addiction, the doctor's recommendation, and each of their unique features and benefits. The rehab program starts after the detoxification stage. It involves several therapies and treatments to help stop Oxazepam addiction, where the patient learns about coping skills.

Inpatient Rehab Program

The treatment for Oxazepam addiction is limited, and an inpatient rehab program is always recommended because it provides all the resources needed to overcome Oxazepam addiction and live a better life. The patient lives away from home to receive 24-hour medical care, and supervision is required.

The medical professionals available can address multiple addiction cases and other mental health issues. This mostly lasts for 30 to 90 days. The professionals also prepare the addict to manage their life after rehab, like the importance of sobriety maintenance programs, how to overcome triggers, and what to do when there is a relapse. 

Outpatient Rehab Program

This rehab program involves going to the treatment facility during the day and going back home in the evening, and mostly takes place in a hospital setting. The patient must visit the treatment facility for physical and mental check-ups; doctors will sometimes administer medications on-site to reduce the withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, depression, and increased heart rate.

It’s less restrictive than the inpatient program; it requires around 10 to 12 hours a week of visitation to a local hospital-like facility. It involves education on drug abuse, group and individual counseling, and teaches the addicts on how to cope with cravings for the drug.

This is a good option for patients with mild Oxazepam addiction. It’s also considered a long-term treatment option that lasts for 3 to 6 months or over one year. Outpatient detoxification is a more effective treatment plan if your everyday life is not disrupted so much. 

Residential Rehab Program

It’s a treatment program offered to the patient of Oxazepam addiction in a residential setting; this is over a treatment program that mostly lasts for less than 30 days or more than 30 days. The length of stay depends on the addiction type, the frequency of using the drug, co-occurring addictions, or medical conditions.

In the program, it’s also advisable first to start with the detoxification program to clear the harmful toxins from the body. After the detox process, there are several treatment forms used in the residential setting. This involves counseling, group therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), 12-step program participation, educational lectures, and training in preventing relapse. Choosing the residential program is voluntary, but sometimes, it can come as an order from the court.

Rehab Payment

Rehab treatment can be costly, and this is why most people consider not seeking help. However, it's known that the benefits of the program outweigh the cost involved. An excellent facility provides the best chance to live a better and healthy life again after recovering from Oxazepam addiction. The price can be considered to be on the lower- costing $350 to $750, and on the upper from $1500 to $3000. There are also other options for treatment costs.

Rehab Insurance

Several insurance companies extend funding for patients suffering from Oxazepam and other addictions. Different insurance policies have different options. Before a patient seeks treatment, it's advisable to find out about such possibilities. 

An insurance program requires you to:

  • Complete outpatient program first before joining the inpatient program.
  • In the case of outpatient care, co-payment needs to be made first.
  • The coverage is generally for several visits per annum.
  • A patient is supposed not to exceed the amount set aside for treatment.

Private Funding

For patients who can afford the treatment cost, it's better to pay the full cost upfront. It can be done in advance, over the treatment program period, or per session. It’s best to go with the outpatient program since it’s considered more reasonable than the inpatient program.

Rehab Loan

A patient can get a loan from the bank to help cover the cost of treatment. It’s best to first seek the loan before checking into a facility. After everything is sorted, the patient can arrange for the treatment facility. Most private residential programs are always in a position to negotiate the cost price.

Selling personal properties

It involves the sale of properties like cars, jewelry, clothes, antiques, and collectibles to help raise funds for the treatment plan. Art collections, music collections, sports equipment like bicycles, skis, and technological equipment like computers, smartphones, tablets can also be sold. 

Cash Donations

This can be done by getting help from friends and family members. You can look for online personal funding platforms like This can actually be an excellent way to raise funds for the rehab treatment plan. 

Getting Government Grants

There’s also an option of federal funding and grants. This is dependent on where the addiction victim lives and their age. A grant is a better option since it’s not considered as a loan, and the patient is not supposed to pay before the outcome of the program is evident. However, it’s essential to use the funds for the sole purpose of treatment, and sometimes, an audit-proof is conducted to verify that.

You can follow this link to find more about treatment plans and centers.

For any patient with Oxazepam addiction, a rehab treatment program should be started at an early stage to avoid the problem of relapse or overdose. Friends and family members should be on the lookout for the stated symptoms and seek help. Even though the cost is high, the patient should consider the benefits that can help them lead a normal and healthy life.

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