Oceanfront Recovery

By The Fix staff 08/18/17

Oceanfront Recovery, a treatment facility based in a beautiful oceanfront community, caters specifically to men struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders. 

Oceanfront Recovery
Location : 312 Broadway Street Laguna Beach, CA 92561
Phone : (877) 279-1777
Price : $28,000 (30 days, with detox)
Overall :
Accommodations :
Treatment :
Food :
Insurance : Yes
Detox : Yes

Introduction and Basic Services

Oceanfront Recovery is a treatment facility based in the beautiful oceanfront community of Laguna Beach, California. Oceanfront caters specifically to men struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders. It offers detox and residential services along with an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and a recovery program specifically tailored to high-level executives and professionals.

Facility and Meals

Residential facilities include a total of seven newly renovated homes, each housing up to six residents. There are three houses for residential treatment, one for detox and three sober living houses. The homes are all a short distance from the clinical offices. The office spaces are bright and spacious, with modern conference rooms and lounge areas as well as treatment rooms with large windows overlooking the ocean vista.

“Nyes,” is a modern building with a comfortable patio backed by large windows that bring plenty of light into the facility. Shared bedrooms offer large beds, and a luxurious dining table is topped with a warmly lit chandelier. Bathrooms are large with tiled showers. Separate lounge areas with TVs offer ample space for relaxing. “Marilyn” is a similar residence, with double bedrooms and plenty of airy lounge areas and patios; it also has a pool and hot tub next to an outdoor dining area. Bathrooms have large, spa-style tubs. The “Brooks” home, which also has shared bedrooms, offers a grill area, stunning views of the ocean and a fire pit on the upstairs patio.

The detox house is separate but has features similar to the residential homes. The rest of the homes are sober living facilities, which offer housing for those in IOP and PHP. These houses have additional amenities like ping-pong tables and pools. The executive residence accommodates computer and cell phone use and offers private rooms for an additional cost.

Private chefs working exclusively for each house prepare nutritious meals for residents, though those in IOP and PHP are given pre-paid cards to use for food purchases to learn to manage budgeting on their own. They are responsible for creating meal plans and preparing their own food.

Treatment Protocol and Team

Oceanfront Recovery offers a transportation program for incoming residents, which may include a “sober companion.” A medical and psychological assessment is performed, after which Oceanfront Recovery directs clients to its independent detox facility. Detox includes medical monitoring, medication and other support to help the body cleanse itself of substances. Detox generally lasts from three to 10 days.

The residential program incorporates individual and group therapy into its treatment plan, as well as nutritional guidance, social events, fitness regimes and time for relaxation and reflection. Individual therapy takes place at least twice a week with a client’s primary therapist and case manager. Every man’s treatment plan is reviewed weekly by the clinical team and adjusted according to progress. Group therapy with a licensed therapist involves six to 10 people per session. Treatment modalities include CBT, EMDR, DBT, narrative change story, psychotherapy, the Seeking Safety program, nutrition therapy and solution-focused therapy.

The executive program is slightly different, encouraging high-functioning professionals to continue ongoing business responsibilities that they must maintain while in treatment. This is accomplished by providing flexible schedules and allowing cell phone and computer use throughout their stay.

PHP and IOP meet for up to 15 hours per week of outpatient programming, depending on the individual. Groups focus on dealing with cravings and triggers, learning new communication skills, managing stress, responding to criticism and feedback and creating and maintaining positive relationships. Aftercare can include continued group therapy and individual therapy at a stepped down rate with the same staff.

Clients each have a five-person treatment team including a nurse practitioner, doctor, therapist, case manager and nutritionist. Additional clinical staff includes a medical doctor, a psychiatrist, MFTs, CADCs, an art and mindfulness therapist, a music therapist, an acupuncture specialist and a yoga instructor.

Bonus Amenities

Creative therapies are available, including music and art therapy. Adjunctive therapies include equine therapy, yoga, meditation, acupuncture and hiking. Surfboards and boats are also made available to clients. Access to the gym is available five days a week. There are weekend outings and alumni visits weekly.

A family therapy program is available, including regular family weekends.


Oceanfront Recovery has a variety of programs to meet the needs of any men seeking treatment in sunny southern California. With home-like facilities for every level of care, it offers a way to stay in the same area while undergoing all levels of treatment and transitioning all the way from detox through sober living.

Oceanfront Recovery

312 Broadway Street

Laguna Beach, CA 92561

(877) 279-1777

[email protected]

Oceanfront Recovery Cost: $28,000 (30 days, with detox); accepts insurance. Find Oceanfront Recovery on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

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