Nova Vida Recovery

By The Fix staff 08/28/17

The variety of both traditional and holistic therapeutic approaches allow counselors at Nova Vida Recovery to specifically address each client's individualized needs. 

Nova Vida Recovery
Location : Algarve, Portugal
Phone : (+351) 919357186
Price : $20,000 (32 days);
Overall :
Accommodations :
Treatment :
Food :
Insurance : No
Detox : No

The Basics

Nova Vida Recovery is located in Algarve, Portugal, a beautiful city on the southern coast of the country. Founded in 2007, this Portugese facility uses the English language in treatment. It is a luxury offering to adult men and women seeking help with substance abuse in a remote setting far from the reality of their everyday lives.

Facility and Meals

Nova Vida’s facility offers beautiful coastal views of the ocean and an ultra modern interior design. The bedrooms are all large, single rooms and feature a balcony or private terrace. Each bedroom also has a queen-sized bed, private bathroom, air conditioning and lots of storage space.

The facility has a large living room that comes with plush couches and an entertainment center. Nova Vida’s building features an on-site fitness center and personal trainer. There is also a swimming pool as well as a number of walking trails and gardens on the Nova Vida’s grounds.

An on-site chef prepares three healthy meals a day using local ingredients. The facility also has a fully functional BBQ and kitchen stocked with modern appliances.

Treatment Protocol and Team

If clients are undergoing any sort of withdrawal symptoms, they are referred to Nova Vida’s medically monitored detox program. During detox, nurses and medical staff monitor clients closely to ensure they are receiving the correct medication and therapy.

Treatment at Nova Vida is highly individualized and counselors develop a plan that is designed to meet the specific needs of each client. The residential treatment program generally lasts for 28 days but can be prolonged up to 56 days.

The therapy is 12-step oriented and clients engage in up to 40 hours of both group and individual therapy each week. Clients attend daily group sessions and AA meetings as well as at least one individual meeting per week.

Counselors uses a number of different treatment techniques to best address the needs of the client including CBT, DBT, EDMR, relapse prevention, biofeedback and educational therapy. The organization also uses holistic treatment methods such as equine therapy, Tai Chi, art therapy, massages, written assignments as well as expressive therapies.

The organization is dual diagnosis and offers outpatient treatment is for co-occurring disorders including anxiety, stress and depression. The outpatient treatment is also open to adolescents and young adults. Nova Vida also provides couples counseling.

The staff consists of LPCs, LMPTs and psychiatrists as well as art therapists, couples counselors, equine-assisted therapists and a full nursing team. It varies in size and usually has between 11 and 30 employees.

Bonus Amenities

Nova Vida also operates treatment programs for eating disorders, compulsive behaviors as well as stress and burnout. There is an outpatient program specifically designed for pilots too.


Nova Vida Recovery offers highly individualized residential and outpatient substance abuse treatment. The focus on 12-step provides clients with a method of healing that they can easily continue with after leaving formalized treatment. The variety of both traditional and holistic therapeutic approaches allow counselors to specifically address each client's individualized needs. Also, the nursing team offers a high level of support and treatment for clients in detox as well as those with potential co-occurring disorders. Nova Vida Recovery is definitely one of the most upscale treatment options available in Europe.

Nova Vida Recovery

Algarve, Portugal

(+351) 919357186

[email protected]

Nova Vida Recovery Cost: $20,000 (32 days); insurance not accepted. Find Nova Vida Recovery onFacebook,Twitter andLinkedIn

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