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By The Fix staff 04/17/17

Find love in recovery with

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Dating in recovery can be tough, but one new website provides unique supports to people who are looking to find love while maintaining their recovery.

SoberSinglesDate is a dating site dedicated specifically to adults who are practicing the principles of recovery or living a sober lifestyle. In addition to normal search options like location, personal preferences, and sexual orientation, SoberSinglesDate allows people to search for members within their own 12-step program, from AA to NA and more. This allows users to date people who understand the struggles of addiction and the reality of a life in recovery, providing a much-needed resource for single sober adults.

The site respects the fact that most 12-step programs advise their members to refrain from dating in their first year of recovery so that they can focus on themselves. In that situation, the site can be a resource for support and friendship. The site encourages its members to: “Keep your recovery first, in order to make it last!”

Users can opt to maintain their home group as a safe space by not dating people in that group. In order to do this, the website allows people to select a home group and keep it as a safe haven. Instead, the site will suggest other users who are in a similar recovery program but in an adjacent city or town.

SoberSinglesDate supports recovery by allowing users to find a meeting before they travel, reinforcing the camaraderie of 12-step programs. These programs often recommend that people set up their meetings before they travel, and users can do this by connecting with members who live in the destination they’re traveling to. It’s common for people to connect platonically with locals in recovery to learn about a meeting or an informal gathering after a meeting. Members can also provide insight on popular places to visit within the area, including whether to see it as a tourist or from a local’s point of view.

SoberSinglesDate is free to join, create a profile with photos, and search for other members. There is a very small fee if you would like to initiate contact with other members of the site. Membership upgrades are kept very low, due to the nature of the site. The website has features that other sober dating sites do not, including video chat, live chat and instant messaging.

The site was founded by Robin DeLuca, the author of The Original Cyber-Dating Guru’s Guide to Online Dating. Since 1998, she has received over 5,000 email responses to her online personal ads and has helped thousands to find love and romance.

In The Original Cyber-Dating Guru’s Guide to Online Dating, DeLuca shares her expertise and own experiences with online dating in order to help people approach online dating in a fun and painless way. In the book, DeLuca shares her own online dating adventures and misadventures, including samples from emails received throughout the years, which can serve as inspiration for what not to write. The book also features practical guidance, including a chart to help you decipher both men’s and women's online personal ads. The book is available at both in paperback and as an ebook for Kindle readers. is just one of DeLuca’s websites dedicated to finding love in recovery. She also owns,, and for those living with Hepatitis C,

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