New Sober Club in Maryland Kicks Off With Super Bowl Party

By Dorri Olds 01/25/17
The town's first recovery club is kicking off its inception with a sober Super Bowl party.
The Recovery Club in Maryland.
David Lidz hanging out inside the new Hub Club.

In Hagerstown, Maryland, preparations for a sober Super Bowl party on February 5 are well underway. This will be the inaugural event at the new Hub Club, a drug and alcohol-free clubhouse. This is the first recovery club to open in Hagerstown. 

“It’ll be a great way to come in and see what we’re about, and by then, we should have some pingpong tables, pool tables set up,” said David Lidz, an alcoholic in recovery since 2002 and the executive director of Ladders to Leaders (L2L).

The Fix spoke with Lidz about Ladders to Leaders's mission: “You can think of L2L as a three-legged stool. We provide a structure within our residence setting. The second leg is, we provide construction jobs to those in recovery. The third leg of the stool is community, and that’s where the Super Bowl party and the Hub Club comes in.”

L2L assists individuals who are either already in or ready to begin their spiritual-based recovery from drug and alcohol dependence. By offering residence and employment, L2L lifts the stress of everyday living while maintaining a solid environment surrounded by positive members of the recovery community.

Its mission is to house and employ individuals in recovery to help them bridge the gap from short-term recovery programs to sustainable long-term recovery, and to help them become contributing members of society again.

“We tell our folks to immerse themselves in some sort of recovery program,” said Lidz. Typically, he said, that’s the 12 steps, but it can be other forms of community service or participation. “We are members of the Maryland State Association for Recovery Residences (MSARR) which is part of the National Alliance for Recovery Residencies (NARR)”

About the sober Super Bowl party, Lidz said, “We want people to be engaged in a recovery community and we want to create as many opportunities for that to be possible. We’ve been trying to get up the enthusiasm for the idea of starting a recovery club here in Hagerstown, which is a small, poor city. We finally got it off the ground. We’ve got a good committee in place, a lot of great volunteers, and a lot of donations—including a wide-screen TV.”

Hagerstown is in the western mountains of Appalachia. “All that stuff you heard during the presidential campaign season about anguish in rural America, that’s what we are,” said Lidz. “We’re a city where all of the industry has left. Addiction and overdose rates have soared. Hagerstown is a contrast to what most people think of as Maryland.”

Lidz said, “This Hub Club is all coming into place. It will be a recovery club with a safe and sober environment with extended hours, and coffee and donuts!”

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