New iPhone App Puts Recovery in Your Pocket

By The Fix staff 09/10/17

People who are struggling can access a “lifeline” to text/talk/video chat with other members of the community who are online and ready to help.

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Pocket Rehab is an app that provides an online recovery community at your fingertips.

Pocket Rehab is a unique resource designed especially for people seeking recovery. It doesn’t matter if you are in early recovery, or if you have been clean and sober a while. We all could use less isolation and more connection. The new app Pocket Rehab allows you to have access to a 100% anonymous recovery community at your fingertips. Users have the ability to ask questions and seek advice, chat one-on-one via real-time text, and voice or video with a peer.

Imagine you are struggling with addiction. You have been heading down a rough path for a while and it is getting harder and harder to see your way out. Maybe you don’t have many close friends left to talk to or maybe all of your friends like to drink and use the way you do. What you want more than anything is some connection and support. However, at first it can be overwhelming to think about going to a recovery meeting. Instead, you might be looking for a more accessible solution.

The great thing about this app is that it provides a solution to the problem of addiction. It does this by enabling you to connect with others both online and in person. The app encourages developing personal accountability through the journal feature and offers the option to track journal events and feelings in a calendar format. This feature is especially great because it allows you to look back on your early recovery and see how your journey has unfolded.

People who are struggling can access a “lifeline” to text/talk/video chat with other members of the community who are online and ready to help. This is an incredible feature because it is the only true real-time help for addiction on an app. People can volunteer to be a lifeline to others. It doesn’t matter how long you have been clean or sober, you can help someone through a craving and can be a lifeline for them.

There might come a point where it feels less overwhelming to go to an in person meeting. If this happens, Pocket Rehab is there to offer you all the resources you need to take your next steps. With location services members can search for 12 step meetings in their immediate area. This way if you can easily make the transition from online-only recovery and add another tool. 

For many people addiction burns bridges and shuts people out. This app allows you to interact with others who have been through or are going through the same struggles you might be. It is completely voluntary and anonymous which can be helpful if your friends, family, or co-workers aren’t as accepting as you would like them to be. We encourage you to download it because Pocket Rehab is free for a limited time in the IOS app store!

The app was created by Damien Ross who is a recovering addict. Damien has been clean and sober since August 2012, but his early recovery was rocky. He experienced a devastating relapse after his first attempt at treatment. He attributes much of his struggle to not having a support system in place to help him make the transition from rehab to life on the outside. When he was designing Pocket Rehab, he considered what would have helped him the most in those early days. In the true spirit of recovery, Damien has used his own experiences to give back by building a tool that he believes will help people in all stages of recovery.

Pocket Rehab is only available on iOS for now, but the future looks bright for this exciting new start-up. Download Pocket Rehab in the App Store or connect with Pocket Rehab on Instagram or Facebook.

Instagram: @GetPocketRehab

Facebook: @PocketRehab

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