New Dad Accused Of Selling Heroin From The Maternity Ward

By Kelly Burch 10/30/17

The newborn's dad reportedly told the judge during his arraignment that his own addiction led him to bring drugs into the ward.

Family and nurse with newborn baby in maternity ward

Usually hospital visits to the maternity ward are a chance to meet the newest family member and marvel at tiny fingers and toes. For some visitors at a Pennsylvania maternity ward, the motivation was much more sinister: to score some heroin. 

Police in Greensburg, Pennsylvania say that a new dad was dealing heroin out of a room at Excela Health Westmoreland just hours after his daughter was born, according to TribLive. Cody R. Hulse, 25, reportedly admitted to the police when they showed up at the hospital that he had been selling heroin from the room. 

“Hulse admitted he had heroin in his pocket and had delivered heroin to several persons who had visited the room,” Detective Sgt. John Swank wrote in an affidavit.

The mother of Hulse’s child said she did not know what he had been doing. She has not been charged with any crime. 

The arrest came after police stopped a car last Thursday night that had visible drug paraphernalia and bags of heroin labeled “Final Call.” The occupants of the car told police that they had just bought heroin at the hospital’s maternity ward from someone named Cody. Police phoned ahead to the hospital, asking nurses to take the newborn out of the room before they arrived. 

In the room police found 34 bags of heroin as well as 4 empty bags and hypodermic needles. Hulse was placed under arrest in the room.

“This affidavit says you had needles in there, you were selling drugs in there ... all with a newborn baby in the room. This is very disturbing,” District Judge James Albert said to Hulse during his arraignment last Friday.

Hulse blamed his own addiction for the drugs in the room. 

“I have an issue myself with drugs ... heroin. I really didn't want to bring it in,” he said.

He was arraigned on charges of possession of heroin, possession and delivery of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and endangering the welfare of children. Before Albert set bail, Hulse asked the judge to consider the fact that he has a newborn baby and a full-time job working at a lumber yard. However, the judge appeared unswayed and set the bail at $100,000 cash. 

Hulse said under his breath, “This is ridiculous,” when he heard the amount. 

The judge ordered that Hulse be kept in county jail and that he have no contact with his newborn daughter. 

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