Mother's eBay Purchase Allegedly Came With A Heroin Surprise

By Keri Blakinger 09/08/17

She ordered a screen protector for her phone but she wound up with a Schedule I narcotic.

woman using the eBay site on her tablet.

An English woman who ordered an iPhone screen protector was in for a rude shock when a bag of smack fell out of the package, according to the New York Post. 

The young mother of two called the cops after she spent $3.90 on a scratch-resistant cover and opened the package to find a bag of tan powder labelled H1. 

“I was completely [freaking out] all day after I found it—it’d been just sat with the mail for three days until I could find a quiet time to sort my phone,” said the surprised buyer, who asked not to be identified citing concerns for her children’s safety. “It’s a bit worrying when you’ve got kids. I’m just nervous it being in the house with two children to be honest.”

The distraught mother called the authorities and also contacted eBay, which told the Post it launched an investigation into the felonious mishap. 

“My kids are good as gold and wouldn’t go opening the mail but it is worrying—there’s always a risk. Especially if a teenager got their hands on it perhaps,” the mother said. “We’ll have to be a lot more careful now.”

The eBay seller behind the powdery surprise has a 99.3% positive rating from nearly 7,000 sales—and the Plymouth mother doesn’t blame him for the unwanted freebie. “I think the person who’s sold it was completely oblivious because he/she wrote on their online account that they open and check all of the goods they sell to make sure they haven’t been broken in transit,” she said.

“I just thought, ‘What are these extra packages?’ I opened it and ran out to my husband saying ‘Oh my god look what I’ve just found.'”

At first, the woman and her husband weren’t sure what the baggy was—but then the husband took to the internet for answers. “I Googled heroin and the image looked really similar to what we had in front of us,” he said. “I wouldn’t like to hazard a guess as to how much it might be worth—certainly more than the $3.90 we paid.”

This isn’t the first time a drug-related sales mishap has landed an unwitting buyer in the news. In May, a Florida woman found a bag of meth in a used copy of Grand Theft Auto V purchased at a GameStop in Tallahassee. And last year, a boy in Louisiana stumbled across a baggie of drugs in a game bought at a store in Lake Charles. 

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Keri Blakinger is a former drug user and current reporter living in Texas. She covers breaking news for the Houston Chronicle and previously worked for the New York Daily News and the Ithaca Times. She has written about drugs and criminal justice for the Washington Post, Salon, Quartz and more. She loves dogs and is not impressed by rodeo food. Find Keri on LinkedIn and Twitter.