Mother Dies From Heroin Overdose In Baby's Room At Children's Hospital

By McCarton Ackerman 01/11/16

The father also overdosed, but is expected to make a full recovery.


A tragic death took place last Wednesday at a Cincinnati children’s hospital after a mother overdosed on heroin after shooting up in the room their seven-month-old baby was staying in.

Police have not released the name of the mother, but confirmed that she was 32 years old. The father, 31-year-old Wesley Landers, was revived with Narcan after shooting up with the woman in the bathroom of their child’s hospital room. Medical staff at Cincinnati’s Children’s Medical Hospital Center found the woman dead on the floor, then unlocked the bathroom door to find Landers unconscious. He had a heroin syringe stuck in his arm, two on the bathroom sink and a loaded gun in his pocket.

Although Landers is expected to make a full recovery, he is now in the local justice center and has been charged with drug possession, carrying a concealed weapon and having a weapon under disability. He is expected to appear in court sometime next week.

"I think it's an amazing example of how it's not the person anymore,” said Chief Tom Synan of the Newtown Police Department. “It’s an addiction. This was heroin.” Synan said the Hamilton County Task Force is now working to find out who dealt heroin to the couple and are hoping to eventually charge the dealer with manslaughter.

Ohio addressed heroin use in the state last July by passing an emergency heroin overdose legislation. Republican Gov. John Kasich signed off on legislation that allows doctors to distribute naloxone to people with a heroin addiction, as well as their friends and family. The naloxone can also now be purchased at local pharmacies.

The state has been struggling with rising overdose rates for well over a decade. Drug overdose rates increased in Ohio by 366% between 2000 to 2012, with unintentional drug overdose deaths claiming 1,914 lives in 2012 alone.

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