Mother and Daughter Charged With Selling Heroin at Home Daycare Facility

By David Konow 01/20/17

The mother-daughter team reportedly sold heroin to undercover police officers on three separate occasions.

A room full of toys.

Parents and educators always have to watch out for people selling drugs around schoolyards, but now a mother and daughter have been brought up on charges of running a drug ring out of their home-based daycare center in Wayne County, New York.

According to Messenger Post Media, the police swooped in after investigating the daycare operation for two months. The center, Erin Siler’s Daycare, was run by Sheila M. Detaeye, 52, and her daughter, Erin M. Siler, 34. Authorities allege that they sometimes sold heroin when children were present. The mother-daughter team also reportedly sold heroin to undercover police officers on three separate occasions.

A neighbor told local ABC affiliate WHAM, “In a way, it didn’t surprise me. There's a lot of traffic going in and out. The daytime, the nighttime. It seems like the lights were on all the time. It didn't seem natural in that regard.” The neighbor also didn’t recall the daycare center having that many children inside, but that “sometimes you [could] hear them in the afternoon playing and once in a while they’d go on little marches down the road.”

Both Detaeye and Siler are currently in custody without bail and are facing a number of charges, including several counts of third-degree criminal sale of a controlled substance, third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, and fourth-degree conspiracy. All of the charges are felonies and could add up to lengthy jail time for both Detaeye and Siler if they are convicted.

This isn't the first time a daycare center has been accused of selling drugs on the side. In fact, according to a report by the Annapolis Patcha similar incident occurred last October when two people who ran a home daycare in Pasadena, Maryland were arrested for selling narcotics, with crack, heroin, and oxycodone just a few of the illicit substances that were found on the premises. The police raided the daycare early in the morning to make sure that no children were present when the owners were arrested.

In early 2015, yet another family-owned daycare center, Jesus' Lil Helpers Daycare in Shamokin, Pennsylvania, was shut down for moonlighting as a drug dealing headquarters after the children had left for the day.

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