Morning Roundup: Oct. 3, 2019

By The Fix staff 10/03/19

Pennsylvania newspapers want to hear about your treatment experience. Warnings on individual cigarettes more effective, research suggests. Former college athlete on his recovery journey.

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Inspector General: DEA Allowed Huge Growth in Painkiller Supply as Overdose Deaths Rose [Washington Post]
The Justice Department's inspector general released a report exposing the DEA's failure to respond appropriately to rising drug overdose deaths.

Next-Level Health Campaign: Warnings on Individual Cigarettes to Help Smokers Quit [Guardian]
Research has found that new warnings printed on individual cigarettes were more effective than traditional warnings on packages. 

In Opioid Settlement, Johnson & Johnson Agrees to Pay Ohio Counties $20 Million [NPR]
Johnson & Johnson has reached a tentative settlement with two Ohio counties, agreeing to pay $20.4 million. The move will remove the company from the first federal opioid trial later this month.

Former College Athlete's Life Completely Changed After Giving Up Alcohol, Now He's Inspiring Others [MSN]
"The next thing you know you're drinking seven days a week." How this college basketball player graduated and came face to face with his drinking problem. 

Why Were Millions of Opioid Pills Sent to a West Virginia Town of 3,000? [Guardian]
"Let's call this whole thing what it is. It's pretty much a cartel. A drug trafficking organization." How drug distributors flooded these small town pharmacies with millions of pills.

We're Investigating the Business of Drug Addiction Treatment in PA. Share Your Stories. [Philadelphia Inquirer]
Pennsylvania is struggling to track information about the recovery industry in the state. The Philadelphia Inquirer is hoping to fill in the gaps by collecting information from individual patients. Have a story to share? Click through to learn how to contribute to this report. 

Here's How to Fight Addiction. Trust Me, I'm In Recovery. [MedPage Today]
President of the American Society of Addiction Medicine, Paul H. Earley: "The road to recovery is never easy—I know this from experience." Here's his roadmap to recovery.

Scientists Hacked E. coli Into Producing a Powerful Psychedelic [Marijuana Moment]
Miami University scientists have created a new way to produce psilocybin, the main psychoactive ingredient in "shrooms," through a method using the bacteria E. coli. 

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