Morning Roundup: Oct. 29, 2019

By The Fix staff 10/29/19

Dear Abby: Bridesmaid ponders bride's sober rule. NJ student athletes required to learn about opioid use disorder. Family of OD victim supports legalization, drug policy reform.

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This Town Turned Its Opioid Nightmare Into a Haunted House. And It's Terrifying. [Washington Post]
A Maryland county with a serious opioid problem is the site of a different kind of haunted house this Halloween, featuring frightful scenes from a life of substance use disorder. "It's a walking, shrieking, living, screaming PSA." 

In Philadelphia Opioid Crisis Zone, Children Get Lessons in Coping [WHYY]
Students in Philadelphia's opioid problem zone are getting a special education on drug abuse and coping. The area's visible drug problem has affected not only school enrollment, but the overall quality of life of these children.  

Shame, Fear, Stigma: Recovering Addicts Address Meth Abuse in 'Crystal City' [NBC News]
The documentary Crystal City debuted on Sunday at NewFest film festival. It is a chronicle of methamphetamine abuse in New York City's gay community. "Without consciously acknowledging it, I was preparing to die." 

Drug Policy: Family of Teenager Who Died from Ecstasy Supports Drug Legalization [Guardian]
A mother who lost her son to a fatal overdose on ecstasy is determined to use her voice to promote drug policy reform. She and her daughter are expanding awareness of how a policy of prohibition is more dangerous than not. 

NJ Student Athletes Undergo Mandatory Opioid Addiction Training [NBC 10]
New Jersey student athletes are required to learn about opioid use disorder to prepare them for potential injuries and how to treat pain. NBC 10 reports from Sterling High School in Somerdale.

Dear Abby: Non-alcoholic Bachelorette Party Presents Dilemma [Press Democrat]
"Is it rude to drink in front of a pregnant bride?" A bridesmaid ponders the sober rule imposed by the pregnant bride. "I feel we're all adults and should be able to make our own choices." 

Rehab Racket: High Costs of Addiction Treatment and Questions Over Efficacy [WBUR]
Is the high cost of treating substance use disorder a "rehab racket"? "It's crucial not to settle for a one-size-fits-all approach, even if those worked for someone you know." 

Filmmaker Asks How Adults Can Help Digitally Obsessed Teens Tackle Mental Health Challenges [Washington Post]
The next chapter of Screenagers is a new documentary that explores the role that adults can play in helping young people build resilience to stress to make it easier to overcome life's adversities. 

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