Morning Roundup: Oct. 24, 2019

By The Fix staff 10/24/19

How to plan a sober wedding. National Drug Take Back Day is this Saturday. Woman who was involuntarily committed for 'psychotic break' sues New Hampshire. 

used pill packs
Get rid of your unused drugs this Saturday. ID 139501051 © MrIlkin |

Throwing Old Prescription Drugs Into the Trash Isn't Safe or Ecological. There Are Better Options. [Washington Post]
The next National Drug Take Back Day is this Saturday, October 26. Here's a reminder of why it's important to properly dispose your drugs.

Fighting Pain Without Opioids: How One Nurse in The Gambia Does It [NPR]
A look at the inspiring work of a nurse in The Gambia, who approaches sickness with a holistic approach, not relying so much on opioid pain medication. "Drugs are last when it comes to nursing." 

As Vaping Devices Have Evolved, So Have Potential Hazards, Researchers Say [NPR]
E-cigarettes have evolved with little oversight or understanding of their effects. "Nobody knows what's in any of these products."

Drug Companies Are Paying Hundreds of Millions of Dollars to Settle Opioid Lawsuits. Spend It to Treat Addiction, Experts Say. [USA Today]
Some worry that the million-dollar opioid settlements paid by drug companies will not go toward helping the people affected by the opioid crisis. "We need to invest in things that show we're treating addiction like a public health crisis." 

Woman Detained in Hospital for Weeks Joins Lawsuit Against New Hampshire [NPR]
A woman who was involuntarily committed for a "psychotic break" is now suing the state in a class action lawsuit for her experience in the system. The lawsuit highlights a larger problem: a shortage of mental health resources.

Rob Lowe Reflects on the Infamous Scandal That Changed His Life: 'It Got Me Sober' [USA Today]
Actor Rob Lowe reflected on a past scandal that he said was "one of the reasons why I got sober." "I woke up one day and was like, 'What am I doing with my life?'"

Lifestyle: How To Plan a Sober Wedding, According to Experts [Bustle]
Event planning experts discuss how to plan a sober wedding, from managing guests' expectations to choosing a venue. Here's how you can confidently throw a substance-free wedding. 

Vaping Injury Outbreak Hasn't Hurt Marijuana Legalization Support, Gallup Poll Shows [Forbes]
Despite the alarming rise of vaping-related lung injuries and fatalities, support for marijuana legalization has not waned in the U.S. Gallup released a new survey about the issue this week.

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