Morning Roundup: Oct. 23, 2019

By The Fix staff 10/23/19

Michael J. Fox Foundation urges Congress to pass marijuana research bills. States consider "mental health days" for students. Doctoral trainees serve areas lacking mental health, addiction treatment options.

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Zero-alcohol beer is gaining steam. ID 78660454 © Anton Shevialiukhin |

Happiness Apps: How Schools Are Joining the Fight for Better Student Mental Health [World Economic Forum]
A range of apps that target mental well-being—suicide prevention, mindfulness, etc.—is helping students on the other side of the world manage anxiety, depression and more. 

Opioid Trial Settlement Leaves Walgreens As Last Defendant [Crain's Chicago Business]
Walgreens is the last remaining defendant facing trial after the other companies settled right before the trial was scheduled to begin. "[Walgreens] never manufactured, marketed or wholesaled prescription opioid medications." 

Federal Grant Funds Mizzou Internships To Treat Addiction in Underserved Areas [KCUR]
A new federal grant will serve those living with few treatment options, by sending doctoral psychology students to train there and provide mental health and substance use disorder treatment to the community. 

Opinion: Capitalism Is Turning Us Into Addicts [Vox]
An interview with the author of The Age of Addiction: How Bad Habits Became Big Business. "I'm not anti-capitalism, but I am calling attention to a certain species of capitalism that cultivates addictive behavior for profit." 

Belgian Artists Work on Alcohol-Free Beer Commercial Targeting Students [Brussels Times]
Artists united to create a commercial for the zero-alcohol version of the Belgian beer, Jupiler. "It is important that people understand that you can also party without drinking alcohol." 

Mental Health Days for Students: An Increasingly Accepted Reason to Stay Home from School [USA Today]
Florida is the latest to consider legislation that would allow mental health days for students. New York is also considering passing similar legislation. Oregon was the first to establish such a policy.

Perspective: I Had an Alcohol Problem but I Haven't Touched Drink Now and I've Stopped Smoking [Sutton & Croydon Guardian]
Stephen Evans, 58, went from living on the streets to having his own apartment and his independence back. "My life has 100% changed... I haven't got to worry about all my past and how it was." 

Michael J. Fox Parkinson's Foundation Urges Congress to Pass Three Marijuana Research Bills [Marijuana Moment]
The foundation named for its founder, actor Michael J. Fox, who has Parkinson's, supports three marijuana research bills in Congress. "Current policies hinder comprehensive medical research on cannabis, making it difficult to generate the evidence needed for clear recommendations." 

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