Morning Roundup: Oct. 10, 2019

By The Fix staff 10/10/19

Father could save money by seeking evidence-based treatment for daughters. California treatment facilities raided by federal agents. Taiwanese man sentenced to life in prison for heroin.

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Thai Court Sentences Taiwanese to Life for Smuggling Heroin [Washington Post]
Chen Kuan Lin, 38, evaded the death penalty after confessing to smuggling heroin from Thailand to Taiwan. Because of his confession, the punishment was commuted to a life sentence. 

Lawsuit to Allege Fortnite as Addictive as Drugs [Reuters]
A forthcoming class action lawsuit will try to argue that the popular game Fortnite triggers the same chemical "pleasure hormone, dopamine" in players as habit-forming drugs. 

Federal Agents Raid 4 Southern California Addiction Treatment Centers [OC Register]
Authorities raided four treatment facilities in southern California seeking evidence in a criminal investigation. An FBI spokesperson could not comment further. 

A Lost Decade and $200,000: One Dad's Crusade to Save His Daughters from Addiction [Vox]
Michel Cote drained his family's savings to fund his daughters' substance use disorder treatment—totaling $200,000 over a decade. Plenty of time and money were wasted, he said, from sending them to facilities that did not offer evidence-based treatment.

Bronx Teenager's Death Is the Youngest Vaping Fatality in U.S. [NY Times]
New York's first vaping related death, and the 23rd nationwide, was a 17-year-old boy from the Bronx. "You are playing with your life when you play with this stuff." 

Opioid Treatment Scam, Quashed in Florida, Spreading to Other States [Florida Phoenix]
Patient brokering is coming to Maryland, and the state is trying to get ahead of the corruption that plagued Florida's recovery industry. Donna Johnson, a mother who had it happen to her 21-year-old son, is leading the charge.

Marblehead Play Focuses on Mothers and Their Addicted Children [WBUR]
From the stage, Recovery tells the story of three young women as they enter treatment for substance use disorder. The play is based on playwright Anne Lucas' personal experience watching her daughter battle heroin.

Wisconsin Woman and Her Sons Charged with Running Illegal Vaping Operation [NPR]
With more than 1,000 vaping related lung injuries and 23 deaths reported across the country, a Wisconsin family operation busted for producing and selling counterfeit vapes has shed light on the potential cause of the emerging public health crisis.

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