Morning Roundup: Oct. 1, 2019

By The Fix staff 10/01/19

Ohio county reports 10 fatal overdoses in 26 hours. Virginia opioid prescriber faces life in prison. Celeb scientologist behind anti-drug billboards in LA.

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Half a Million Doses in 2 Years: Opioid Prescriber Faces Life in Prison [Las Vegas Review-Journal]
Dr. Joel Smithers faces sentencing this Wednesday for operating his medical practice as a pill mill, exacerbating the opioid abuse epidemic in West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee and Virginia. He could possibly get life in prison.

'Wild West of the Drug Industry': John Oliver Takes on Compounding Pharmacies [Guardian]
Compounding pharmacies are not inherently evil, but the lack of oversight has bred fraud and corruption. Last Week Tonight explored the issue in this week's episode. 

In 26 Hours, 10 People Fatally Overdosed in Ohio [CNN]
On Sunday, Franklin County, Ohio reported 10 fatal overdoses in a span of 26 hours. Officials urged residents to "make sure you are armed with naloxone" and "fentanyl testing strips." 

No One Knows What Vape Juice Actually Is [Vice]
Lab testing has revealed that vape cartridges contain some disturbing ingredients. Despite state and federal investigators searching for the cause(s) behind the vaping public health crisis, we are still far from getting answers. 

School Taps Eastern Kentucky's Rich Music Tradition as Part of Opioid Crisis Solution [WVPB]
Paul Williams is teaching people in Eastern Kentucky how to build stringed instruments (guitars, mandolins and more) hoping to empower them with the skill and help them find a job.

Dallas Chefs Rally for Recovery at Foodie Fundraiser [Dallas Observer]
Money raised at the AllStar Chef Classic (Oct. 13) will go toward funding sober transitional housing for men and women in Dallas who are seeking recovery. Some of Dallas' top chefs will serve up bites at the event. 

'You're Not Going to Arrest Your Way Out of Addiction': Jail Program Emphasizes Recovery [WUSF]
A recovery program in the Sarasota County Jail provides 12-step meetings, skill-building and peer support. "Are we doing the best that we can do to help people reintegrate?"

Anti-Prescription Drug Campaign on LA's Billboards Funded by Prominent Scientologist [BuzzFeed News]
Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson, is behind the billboard campaign in Los Angeles, "Know More About Drugs." Cartwright, a Scientologist, said she spearheaded the initiative because she is passionate about drug abuse prevention.

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