Morning Roundup: Nov. 8, 2018

By The Fix staff 11/08/18

Philippine lawyer who resisted drug war is gunned down, fraternity shuts down chapter amid drugged students allegations, man charged with trying to get victim to relapse to prevent testimony.

Drugs are everywhere. Shawn Zhang |

What's Life Like After Depression? Surprisingly, Little Is Known [NY Times]
A new paper sheds light on the importance of studying people who have move past depression. Right now there is a lack of information about this demographic. The paper argues that by studying the "flourishers," our understanding of depression can evolve. 

Philippine Lawyer Who Resisted Drug War Is Gunned Down [NY Times]
Benjamin Ramos, a prominent dissenter of the Philippine war on drugs has been fatally shot. Ramos represented poor Filipinos targeted by authorities in the president's anti-drug campaign.

Fraternity Shuts Down Boulder Chapter Amid Drugged Students Allegations [Denver Post]
The Sigma Pi fraternity is ordering its Boulder chapter to shut down, citing its zero-tolerance policy for illegal drug use and assault. Sigma Pi's name has come up in allegations that five University of Colorado students were drugged while partying on University Hill. The fraternity is now under investigation by Sigma Pi and the police.

Human Medicine Use Loading Up River Creatures with Dozens of Different Drugs [Gizmodo]
Not only is the environment being exposed to pharmaceutical drugs, the drugs are now being detected in insects and larger predators. A study of Australian aquatic insects discovered the presence of common pharmaceuticals such as aspirin, antibiotics and antidepressants. 

Man Charged With Trying to Get Woman to Relapse to Prevent Testimony [Argus Leader]
A Sioux Falls man charged with domestic assault reportedly schemed to derail his victim's sobriety. He has pleaded not guilty to witness tampering. 

Sharon Osbourne Drugged Ozzy to Discover His Affairs [Ultimate Classic Rock]
Ozzy Osbourne's long-time partner admitted that she slipped him a little something to get him to confess his extramarital affairs. The Black Sabbath frontman has since sought treatment for sex addiction.

Texas Judge and Sheriff Create Treatment Program for Incarcerated Veterans [PR Newswire]
A new program offers work opportunities and treatment for felony and misdemeanor veteran offenders in Texas. The treatment is specialized for military veterans and aims to help them reintegrate into civilian society.

Ohio Voters Overwhelmingly Reject Measure to Decriminalize Low-Level Drug Offenses [Dayton Daily News]
Ohioans voted down Issue 1 on election day. The proposed constitutional amendment would have diverted low-level drug offenders to treatment rather than jail. 

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