Morning Roundup: Nov. 30, 2018

By The Fix staff 11/30/18

Mental health clinic opens in Texas Walmart, 14 ways to enjoy the holidays sober, U.S. life expectancy drops due to rising ODs and suicides.

drunk at christmas party
Not "That Guy" anymore. Photoeuphoria |

14 Useful Tips for Navigating The Holidays When You're Not Drinking [Huffington Post]
You don't have to partake to be festive. Here is some expert advice on how to enjoy the holidays sober. 

Alaska Native Tribes Sue Drug Companies Over Cost of Opioid Epidemic [Anchorage Daily News]
Five Alaskan tribes are suing pharmaceutical companies and retailers for fueling the opioid epidemic. This is the sixth lawsuit brought by the Alaska Native community against Big Pharma this year.

Drug Overdoses, Suicides Cause Drop in US Life Expectancy [CNN]
Drug overdoses and suicides are fueling the decline in the U.S. life expectancy. "We are losing too many Americans, too early and too often, to conditions that are preventable," said the CDC director.

Law Firms Face Malpractice Risk Over Substance Abuse, Poor Mental Health [NY Law Journal]
Stress, substance abuse and poor mental health are a liability in the legal profession. "If lawyers are not taking care of themselves, they generally are more likely to commit malpractice." 

Powerlifter to Hoist 'Pounds for Pelican' to Fight Addiction [Newbury Port News]
A competitive powerlifter in recovery is raising money to fund recovery for low-income people. As part of the fundraise, he will squat, bench press and dead-lift his way toward his goal.

Ex-Drug Company Executive Pleads Guilty to Bribing Doctors [NBC News]
A former executive for Insys admitted to bribing doctors to increase prescriptions of a fentanyl-based drug. Authorities have been going after Insys executives, including former CEO John Kapoor, and doctors accused of taking bribes. 

Why Are More Americans Than Ever Dying from Drug Overdoses? [Guardian]
This report explores the roots of the American opioid crisis. What is the pharmaceutical industry's role in widespread opioid addiction?

Mental Health Clinic Opens Inside a Walmart in Texas [Today]
A new mental health clinic hopes to fill in the gap in treatment access for Texans struggling with mental health. "Having it available in a setting like this provides opportunities for people to reach out and get care in a comfortable place." 

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