Morning Roundup: Nov. 28, 2019

By The Fix staff 11/28/19

Kratom-related calls to poison control soar, UPS drivers accused of running decadelong, drug-smuggling ring, yoga could be very beneficial to those with major depressive disorder.

UPS truck
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UPS Workers Arrested In Drug-Shipping Bust [Wall Street Journal]

Critics Call Him A Guinea Pig But Man Says Naltrexone Implant Changed His Life [CBS News]

Can This Snack Bar Help You Stay Sober? [Yahoo]

Yoga Worth "Serious Consideration" For Major Depression [Medscape]

Poison Control Centers See Spike In Calls About Kratom Exposure [WOSU]

Drug Death Capital Of The World Makes A Move [Newser]

California Officials Side With Marijuana Company In New Fight Over Home Deliveries [LA Times]


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