Morning Roundup: Nov. 27, 2018

By The Fix staff 11/27/18

Mom worries about son who doesn't drink, why drug deaths are down in troubled Ohio, Amanda Bynes describes beginning of her drug use as a young star.

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Canada's great experiment. Forance |

Dear Abby: Mom Worries About Son Who Doesn't Drink Alcohol [Oregon Live]
How does being sober affect doing business abroad? There are other ways to build a business relationship than over drinks, Abby says.

Grieving Aunt Shares Warning After Nephew Dies from Fentanyl Overdose [People]
A counterfeit Percocet killed two teenage boys in Arizona. A grieving family member is sharing her nephew's story on social media to highlight the dangers of experimenting with drugs.

Perspective: The US Needs to Decriminalize Drug Possession Now [Rolling Stone]
A prominent drug policy reformer's call for the decriminalization of drug possession. Ethan Nadelmann explains why arresting people in possession of small amounts of drugs is bad policy.

DEA: Honduran President's Brother Arrested on Drug Trafficking [The Hill]
The brother of the Honduran president was arrested Friday in Miami on drug trafficking and weapons charges. He is accused of conspiring with criminal networks abroad to "flood American streets with deadly drugs."

Why Drug Deaths Are Down in Troubled Ohio [WRAL]
Dayton, Ohio had some of the highest rates of drug-related deaths. But new data shows a surprising decline in Montgomery County.

Amanda Bynes on Drugs and Using Adderall for Weight Loss [USA Today]
Child star Amanda Bynes outlines the beginning of her drug use as a young TV and movie star. She has since quit acting and is now sober.

Harm Reduction Is the Right Way to Treat Drug Abuse [Economist]
Portugal, Germany and the Netherlands, and more are exploring alternative approaches to drug addiction. The Economist highlights Europe's decriminalization and harm-reduction efforts. 

Canada's Grand Cannabis Experiment Has Set Scientists Free [NY Times]
Will cannabis research boom now that it has been legalized across Canada? According to this op-ed, the country's new cannabis law "replaces a restrictive system that treated researchers like would-be drug dealers." 

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