Morning Roundup: Nov. 26, 2018

By The Fix staff 11/26/18

Jay-Z told Amy Winehouse 'stay with us' at first meeting, Rep. Joe Kennedy changes his mind about marijuana, woman sues alleging that cotton candy was mistaken for a bag of meth.

amy winehouse
The late Amy Winehouse Aaron Settipane |

Jay-Z Told Amy Winehouse 'Stay With Us' the First Time They Met [NME]
Rapper and business mogul Jay-Z recalls his first meeting with Amy Winehouse. The beloved "Rehab" singer-songwriter died in 2011 of alcohol intoxication.

How One Gym Uses Exercise to Fight Addiction [Outside]
A Denver gym offers fitness classes, bike rides, and hikes, free of charge. The only requirement? You must have been sober for at least 48 hours.

Rep. Joe Kennedy Pivots From Prohibitionist to Marijuana Legalization Advocate [Marijuana Moment]
U.S. Rep. Joe Kennedy has consistently voted against marijuana legislation. But he's had a change of heart, he says, after consulting with experts in health care, mental health, criminal justice and public safety. 

Woman Sues Georgia County Alleging Drug Test Falsely Labeled Cotton Candy as Meth [The Hill]
A woman has filed a lawsuit alleging that police officers wrongfully arrested her for a bag of cotton candy, thinking it was methamphetamine. She spent four months in jail, though the charges were eventually dropped.

Opioid Crisis: Nigerian Authorities Seized Shipments of Half a Billion Painkillers [Quartz]
The findings of two high-profile drug raids in Nigeria illustrate the extent of the opioid crisis there. The seizure suggests Nigeria has become a transit hub for drugs in the region. 

Viral Facebook Post Is Chilling Reminder That Non-Prescribed Pills Can Kill You [Prevention]
The story of two Arizona teens who died after taking mislabeled pills is circulating on social media. A family member decided to share the boys' story to alert people to the dangers of taking non-prescribed pills.

How to Navigate Your Child's Mental Mental Health as Depression/Anxiety Numbers Rises [WZZM]
Mental health experts give advice on the parents' role in addressing children's mental health. This is especially important as reports show rising rates of mental health issues among young Americans.

Addiction and Recovery: Being Thankful Is a Primary Ingredient in Recovery [Times Herald-Record]
Thanksgiving may be over, but gratitude is important to recovery any time of year. People in recovery share what they are grateful for, even when finding gratitude wasn't always easy.

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