Morning Roundup: Nov. 21, 2018

By The Fix staff 11/21/18

Couple breaks ground on recovery center in son's honor, rethinking how we measure addiction, Vermont needle exchange offers addiction medication on site.

alcohol abuse is a public health issue
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What It's Like to Detox in Jail [Vice]
Vice explores the inadequate treatment provided to people in correctional facilities who go through drug withdrawal. The inconsistent standard of treatment can be fatal for some. 

The Doctor Prescribes Video Games and Virtual Reality Rehab [Wired]
The "digital health" field is expanding as new technologies help us better monitor and address everything from substance use disorder to ADHD. Wired explores the rising interest in "digital therapeutics" in health care settings. 

Vermont Needle Exchange Isn't Just Giving Out Syringes. It's Offering Treatment on the Spot. [Vox]
A local needle exchange program offers medication-assisted treatment on site. "If you can catch that person in that moment, you might be able to convince them that this isn't a great idea today. It might be a good idea to use a medication instead of using a needle today."

Rethinking How We Measure Addiction [Psychology Today]
Is our current understanding of addiction a recipe for failure? One expert argues that it is outdated and unrealistic.

Recovery to Relapse: One Woman's Heartbreaking Struggle to Overcome Addiction [WBAL-TV]
Personal stories of failure, recovery and getting help in Baltimore, Maryland. WBAL-TV goes one and one with Baltimore women to illustrate how easy it is to relapse on heroin. 

The US Knows How to Address Its Drinking Problem, But Proven Fixes Are Hard to Sell [USA Today]
The public health cost of heavy drinking is high. What will it take to bring down alcohol consumption when it's so socially acceptable? 

Maine Arts Academy Students Work on Substance Abuse Project [Central Maine]
Art students and a local public health organization have teamed up to spread a positive message. The initiative will produce a series of short movies about resisting smoking and drug use with high schoolers as the intended audience.

Couple Creating Relapse Prevention Center in Son's Honor [Epoch Times]
A family in Northeast Ohio are building a recovery center to honor the memory of their son Tyler. The 23-year-old started from taking pain medication to losing the battle to heroin/fentanyl.

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