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Morning Roundup: Nov. 12, 2019

By The Fix staff 11/12/19

Chipotle to offer more mental health support to employees, authorities are on the hunt for a mysterious drug trafficker, Amazon hit with lawsuit from ex-employee over MMJ use.

chipotle workers
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Amazon Wrongfully Fired Worker Over Medical Marijuana Use, Lawsuit Alleges [MarketWatch]

Chronic Pain Eased With Meditation, Low-Dose Opioids [NPR]

Chipotle Expands Mental Health Services For Employees [The Takeout]

Hospitals See Rare Vomiting Syndrome In Heavy Marijuana Users [Boston Globe]

How We Cope: Food And Eating Disorders At Work [Harvard Business Review]

The Hunt For Asia's El Chapo [Reuters]

Vaping Could Be "Potentially Even More" Harmful To Hearts Than Smoking [Newsweek]

My Years In The Florida Shuffle Of Drug Addiction [The New Yorker]

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