Morning Roundup: May 9, 2019

By The Fix staff 05/09/19
Ireland gets its first sober bar, Denver approves decriminalization of magic mushrooms, drinking is down in the UK but up in China.
magic mushrooms
Psilocybin for the win. Atomazul |

Denver Becomes First City to Decriminalize 'Magic Mushrooms' [CNN]
The city of Denver has said "yes" to decriminalizing psilocybin mushrooms. The ordinance Denver Psilocybin Mushroom Initiative was approved by less than 2,000 votes according to preliminary results.

'Ireland Is Changing': Booze-Free Bar Opens in Dublin [Guardian]
The Virgin Mary says it is Ireland's first booze-free bar. "From birth to death, baptism to funeral, Ireland has a drinking culture. It's part of the lifestyle. But Ireland is changing."

Perspective: My Elderly Wife's Drinking Is Destroying Our Marriage [Guardian]
A husband doesn't know what to do about his wife's drinking. While his 78-year-old wife will not admit that she has a problem with alcohol, he is considering giving up on trying to work on the marriage and "moving on."

Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Addiction Coming to PA State Prisons [WITF]
This June, people entering Pennsylvania state-run prisons will be able to continue taking Suboxone, naltrexone and eventually methadone with prescriptions. "We have a duty to give them the best medicine possible and for too long that hasn't happened."

Perspective: What I Want My Kids to Know About Anxiety [Romper]
Author Jordan Reid neglected to face her anxiety problems until she couldn't avoid it any longer—when she had kids. "They wanted to know what 'anxiety' is, and I told them: It is a normal part of the human experience, but it can also become too big to hold inside."

UK Consuming Less Alcohol, But Problem Drinkers Not Getting the Help They Need [Sky News]
Drinking is down in the UK and is predicted to continue on this path. A study on global drinking habits found "large reductions" in drinking across eastern Europe, while people in countries like China, India and Vietnam are drinking more.

My Descent Into YouTube Addiction: Binge Watching Videos Became My 'Drug of Choice' [Medium]
A man with a "YouTube problem" illustrates his slow slide into his "addiction" to YouTube's endless feed of entertaining clips. "There were times I wouldn't communicate with anyone all day. It was isolationist and repetitive and hypnotic."

How Drug Companies Helped Shape a Shifting, Biological View of Mental Illness [NPR]
Author Anne Harrington's new book chronicles the history of prescription medication for treating depression and anxiety, and the role that drug companies played in changing how we treat mental illness.

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