Morning Roundup: May 8, 2019

By The Fix staff 05/08/19

Prison in lockdown after suspected overdose of 6 inmates, police officer keeps promise to take man golfing if he stayed sober, fentanyl is being used more with cocaine and methamphetamine.

golfing to stay sober
Rewarding sober time on the course. Kitchner Bain |

Perspective: Going Public with Sobriety [Harvard Health Blog]
Dr. Peter Grinspoon explains why he decided to go public with his story "about becoming hopelessly addicted to prescription opiates." "I wanted to demonstrate that anyone can get addicted... and that everyone has a chance at recovery."

Queensland Prison in Lockdown After Suspected Drug Overdose of Six Inmates [ABC]
An Australian prison is in lockdown after six inmates, including one who had to be airlifted, fell ill with symptoms that "may be related to drug ingestion." 

Perspective: What's Behind the Elective-Sobriety Trend [Medium]
Inside the growing and diverse "sober curious" trend—beyond sober bars and mocktails. Some predict that alcohol as a lifestyle accessory will fade over time, like smoking. "Sobriety is getting rebranded." 

Police Officer Keeps Promise to Take Man He Arrested Golfing If He Stays Sober [WMUR]
A Manchester police officer made good on his promise to take Mark Yphantis golfing if he laid off the booze, after multiple arrests. Yphantis got help, a job and his own place to live.

Are Antidepressants an Effective Way to Prevent Suicide? [Psychology Today]
A critique of people who trivialize the role of antidepressant medication. "Antidepressant medications do more than offer a 'little more serotonin.'"

Fentanyl Becoming a Deadly Accomplice in Cocaine, Meth Abuse [US News]
The incidence of positive drug tests detecting both fentanyl and cocaine or methamphetamine is rising. "The increasingly common concurrent use of fentanyl with cocaine or methamphetamine may help explain the recent sharp increases in overdose deaths involving stimulants."

Why It Matters Where College Students Binge-Drink [Atlantic]
In a new study, "drinking venues"—e.g. parties and bars—were a better predictor of men's sexual aggression than their binge-drinking behavior or attitudes toward sex. How does this play out in the context of college fraternities? 

HHS Secretary Alex Azar Talks Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals [Dartmouth]
Speaking at his alma mater, Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar touted the role of medication-assisted treatment (MAT) in treating opioid use disorder. "Opioid addiction is a medical condition, not a moral failure."

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