Morning Roundup: May 30, 2019

By The Fix staff 05/30/19

Sober memes thrive on social media, former Disney Channel actor struggled with self-destructive behavior as a young star, anxiety in college and how to cope.

You are what you eat. Valentin Jucov |

Christy Carlson Romano: My Private Breakdown [Teen Vogue]
The former Disney Channel actor, who starred opposite Shia LaBeouf on Even Stevens, struggled as a young star who had difficulty fitting in. To cope, she turned to self-destructive behavior.

Perspective: Why CHOOSE Sobriety? [Thrive Global]
A grief recovery specialist on how alcohol has impacted her life. "I was confused, foggy, blurred, and my drinking became an escape."

Working Toward Recovery: Ohio Town Fights Addiction with Focus on Economy [WKU Public Radio]
Scioto County, Ohio is facing a shrinking economy and a growing drug abuse crisis. How can they boost the local economy while helping people in need of recovery support?

Anxiety in College: What We Know and How To Cope [Harvard Health]
It's no surprise that anxiety often spikes during college. Here's what we know about it, and ways to cope whether you are a student, parent or administrator.

Sober Memes Thrive on Social Media [INSIDER]
A look inside the sober community on social media. Accounts like @sobergrind on Instagram cater to the growing sober community, posting funny and relatable content like any other meme page.

How a UMSL Graduate Overcame Life of Addiction and Gang Involvement, Earned Social Work Degree [STL Public Radio]
Recent UMSL graduate Harold Crawford of St. Louis overcame a lot to get to where he is today. Now equipped with a degree in social work, he's working to address community violence and protect local youth.

Recovering Addict Chooses Amputation Over Lifetime of Pain Medication [WWLP]
Michael Quinones was doing well in early recovery when a freak accident left him needing multiple surgeries and a lifetime of pain meds. Fearing relapse, he decided to amputate his foot to free himself of relying on painkillers.

Nutritional Psychiatry: Is Food the Next Big Frontier in Mental Health Treatment? [Mind Body Green]
The connection between diet, mood and mental health. It's a lot deeper than you think. "These days it's common to hear food referred to as medicine. What's so surprising to many people is the fact that this statement powerfully applies to mood."

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