Morning Roundup: May 3, 2019

By The Fix staff 05/03/19
Scientists find cocaine in freshwater shrimp, American in China sentenced to death for alleged drug trafficking, 18 million Americans can't buy alcohol in "dry counties."
drugs traces detected in shrimp
Chemical pollution in wildlife needs more attention. Ppy2010ha |

Yes, Buying Alcohol Is Still Illegal in Parts of the U.S. [Daily Beast]
Dry counties across the U.S., most of which reside along the Bible Belt, cover about 18 million people who are prohibited by law from purchasing alcohol. In some dry counties, you can still be arrested for possession of alcohol.

Houston Man Sentenced to Death in China Over Drug Trafficking Charges [ABC News]
After spending six years in a Chinese prison, Mark Swidan was given a suspended death sentence for drug trafficking. The Houston artist was detained in 2012 for allegedly selling and manufacturing "extremely large" amounts of drugs.   

Study: Gender Impacts Brain Activity in Alcoholics [BU School of Medicine]
This study identified how the brain abnormalities associated with alcoholism differed for men and women. Given this disparity, this may lead to a more fine-tuned approach to treating alcohol use disorder.

Scientists Find Cocaine in UK Shrimp [CNN]
Traces of illicit drugs like cocaine and ketamine, prescription medication and pesticides were detected in samples of freshwater shrimp. Researchers say that the effects of "invisible" chemical pollution on wildlife need more attention.

Warning: You Could Get Addicted to Florida's Lottery. And Lawmakers Want That Label on Every Ticket. [Sun-Sentinel]
Florida lawmakers are considering a proposal that would require warnings about the risk of addiction to accompany all lottery tickets or advertisements of lottery games. 

Profile: How One Nurse Educator Is Helping Prison Moms Fight Opioid Addiction [AJC]
As the research and program director of Motherhood Behind Bars, Brenda Baker works with pregnant women in Georgia prisons, including women struggling with drug use disorders, helping them navigate new motherhood.

Booze Dynasties Control $70 Billion of World's Liquor Wealth [Bloomberg]
Bloomberg reports on the billion-dollar family fortunes of liquor companies like Bacardi and Campari. Some of these "drink dynasties" go back 1,300 years.

Opinion: AU Needs To Do More for Students Struggling with Drug Addiction [The Eagle]
"We're part of a university that is fighting for inclusivity and acceptance, but where is that fight when it comes to addiction?" The "Addiction at AU" podcast explores the realities of drug addiction on the Washington, D.C. campus.

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