Morning Roundup: May 10, 2019

By The Fix staff 05/10/19

Severe alcohol-related liver disease on the rise, local company explains decision to hire people in recovery, Elizabeth Warren would tax the rich to fund anti-opioid epidemic efforts.

petting dog
Man's best friend...and recovery companion. Katie McGrath |

Q&A: A Former Alcoholic Answers All Your Questions [ABC]
What was your poison? What do you consider being an 'alcoholic'? In this edition of 'You Can't Ask That,' a recovering alcoholic does a Q&A about his journey. 

Perspective: I Traded the 12-Step Program for a Dog [NY Times]
There is more than one path to long-term recovery. This writer found the ultimate comfort in having a dog. "I found myself wanting a different path to sobriety, one that was less prescriptive and felt more personal to me—I found all of that in River."

Sen. Elizabeth Warren: We Must Do More to Address the Opioid Epidemic [Concord Monitor]
U.S. Senator and 2020 presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren's plan to combat the opioid epidemic over the next decade—including $100 billion to tackle the problem at a community-level, funded by her "ultra millionaire tax" on the richest 75,000 families in the U.S.

Severe Alcohol-Related Liver Disease on the Rise, Study Finds [NBC News]
Heavy binge drinking may be causing a rise in alcohol-related liver disease. More and more Americans are developing severe liver disease. 

The Mums Who Took Cocaine During Play Dates [BBC]
The middle class is said to be fueling rising drug abuse in England and Wales. Two mothers describe the way cocaine has affected their lives.

FoodScience Managers: Why We Hire People in Recovery [Burlington Free Press]
This company is taking a chance on hiring people in recovery, abiding by a pillar of their business: to "be persistent about continuous improvement." "Everyone deserves a second chance." 

Luann de Lesseps Admits Why It's 'Challenging' to Stay Sober While Filming RHONY [Hollywood Life]
Reality TV star Luann de Lesseps said the "party atmosphere" makes it difficult to stay sober while filming Real Housewives of New York. "You're trying to not let your emotions get the best of you."

Advocates Warn of Gaps in Maine's Gambling Addiction Program [Portland Press Herald]
As Maine lawmakers consider expanding gambling and betting in the state, mental health advocates warn that there is not a sufficient support system to handle the effects of increased gambling.

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