Morning Roundup: Mar. 29, 2019

By The Fix staff 03/29/19

Chef lives in a yurt in the dead of winter to get sober, celebrity sobriety coach explains the job, thespians in recovery on a mission to educate the public about addiction and recovery.

getting sober in solitude
Meetings aren't for everyone. One man chose a yurt, instead. Scrabble2 |

Meet the Founder of North Dakota's First Sober Living Home [KXNet]
In 2014, Judith Roberts opened Hope Manor, a sober living home that is the first of its kind in the state. Now with a decade of sobriety, Roberts helps other women do the same.

Getting Sober Alone in a Yurt: One Maine Winter With No Heat and Plenty of Solitude [Salon]
When faced with the prospect of getting sober, chef and restaurant owner Brandon Baltzley decided to go it alone—by forcing himself to survive the elements in a yurt in the dead of winter. 

More than 600 Cities, Counties, Tribes File Federal Lawsuit Against Sackler Family [CNN]
A federal lawsuit accuses eight members of the Sackler family—who own the maker of OxyContin, Purdue Pharma—of profiting from the deceptive promotion of OxyContin. "Because they controlled their own privately held drug company, the Sackler Defendants had the power to decide how addictive narcotics were sold." 

History: 50 Years Ago, Drug Abuse Was Higher Among Physicians [Science News]
This is no different than today, according to Science News, with a higher percentage of docs reporting drug/alcohol abuse than the general public. Easy access to drugs and the effects of their high-stress job contribute to this phenomenon.

A Sobriety Coach Explains How Celebrities Get Clean [Vice]
A celebrity sober coach explains the lengths they will go to keep a star from falling off the wagon. This may involve confiscating their wallet or confronting their dealer.

Cleveland Theater Troupe Depicts Reality of Addiction, Recovery at Local Hospital []
A theater performance at St. Vincent Charity Medical Center this week was attended by patients from the hospital's treatment center, friends and family affected by drug abuse. The Improbable Players troupe is a group of actors in recovery whose mission it is to educate the public about addiction and recovery. 

Perspective: Making Peace with the Heroin Addict I Used to Be [Vice]
This Melbourne-based writer and musician has spent the past several years battling a heroin addiction. In this personal essay, she relives her time in a Thailand treatment center.

'More Than Addiction' Campaign Shares Stories of Hope [The Journal]
A group of people grieving the loss of a brother, partner, and friend banded together to launch a campaign inviting others to tell their stories of addiction. The goal is to give a voice to people who may be marginalized by society, and create a ripple effect of compassion and love.

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