Morning Roundup: Mar. 26, 2019

By The Fix staff 03/26/19

Dax Shepard's "sober birthday" is more important than his actual birthday, instrument makers in recovery keep tradition alive, young people not receiving the care they need for opioid use disorder.

musical instruments jobs in recovery
Preserving tradition while supporting recovery. Iryna Gyrych |

How I Overcame My Heroin Addiction—And Started to Live [Guardian]
"It was one of the easier decisions I have made. So easy that I must have made it hundreds of times over the best part of 10 years."

Musical Instrument Maker to Employ People in Recovery [Public News Service]
A Kentucky business is providing job opportunities to the community in need—including people in recovery. In a region that already has a rich history of instrument-building, they are keeping the tradition alive. 

Dear Abby: Now That She's Sober, Formerly Supportive Friends Cut Her Off [SF Gate]
A "drunk mom" in recovery is feeling shamed by her family, who helped her get well when she was struggling. "Now that I am in recovery, they no longer want to be a part of my life."

Kristen Bell Revealed Why She Celebrates Dax Shepard's 'Sober Birthday' And It's Lovely [BuzzFeed News]
Actress Kristen Bell on why her husband's sober birthday is more important than his actual birthday: "That's what allows me to have him in my life as a husband and as a father." 

Unwinding Without Alcohol After a Hard Day at Work [ABC]
This writer had to find a new way to satisfy her craving for a cold drink with friends after a long day. While it might not be everyone's cup of tea, she found her solution at the bar. 

SF Public Defender's Death Caused by Cocaine and Alcohol Use, Autopsy Finds [SF Chronicle]
One month after the sudden death of San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi, an autopsy report revealed the presence of cocaine, alcohol and benzodiazepines in his system. Other details of the medical examiner's report come as a shock to his family.

Sackler Trust Freezes New Donations in Face of Opioid Allegations [Financial Times]
After some large arts institutions have announced that they will no longer accept donations from the Sackler family (of Purdue Pharma), new donations have been paused in the midst of allegations that the OxyContin maker has played a major role in fueling the opioid crisis.

As Opioid Crisis Explodes, Few Youths Get Drug Treatment—Especially Youths of Color [Washington Post]
Young people are not receiving adequate care for opioid use disorder, according to federal data. Not only that, the number of youth receiving care has fallen over the years.

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