Morning Roundup: Mar. 22, 2019

By The Fix staff 03/22/19

Americans are the unhappiest they've ever been, biker church is a certified recovery hotspot, drug policy experts say a "drug-free world" is unattainable.

Covenant Confirmers Church
Covenant Confirmers Church welcomes bikers, people in recovery, and anyone in between. Ermess |

Report: Americans Are the Unhappiest They've Ever Been. 'Epidemic of Addictions' Could Be to Blame. [Washington Post]
According to the annual World Happiness Report, the U.S. has become increasingly unhappy—this year being its worst showing since 2012. The findings suggest that more happiness does not necessarily follow a higher standard of living.

Pennsylvania Governor Signs Sixth Opioid Crisis Disaster Declaration [WHYY]
Governor Tom Wolf has signed the sixth consecutive 90-day emergency declaration to expedite recovery support for people in the state. "Pennsylvanians should continue to have hope for our families, for our communities and for our patients who need treatment for the disease of addiction."

Perspective: The Campaign for a 'Drug-Free World' Is Costing Lives [Guardian]
Members of the Global Commission on Drug Policy explain why anti-drug efforts around the world "are a threat to human dignity and the right to life." Here's why they believe that striving for a "drug-free society" is futile.

Ohio AG Wants Tougher Penalties for Drug Trafficking Near Recovery Facilities [Cincinnati Enquirer]
Senate Bill 55 would increase penalties for aggravated drug trafficking near providers of recovery services. "Drug dealers around treatment centers are like flies on honey. They know they have a proven customer base." 

Covenant Confirmers Church: A Place Where Motorcycles, Faith and Recovery Meet [Tennessean]
This Certified Faith-Based Recovery Congregation has a spirited and down-to-earth atmosphere—and most of the congregants are bikers. "Just because you have done some things wrong, God doesn't stop loving you."

China's Strong-Arm Approach to Drug Addiction Does Not Work [Economist]
Harsh penalties are the foundation of China's approach to drugs—including "compulsory isolation detoxification" and public executions of drug traffickers. 

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Shares Her Solution to the Opioid Crisis [Forbes]
Presidential hopeful Senator Kirsten Gillibrand shared her solution to the national opioid crisis—limiting opioid prescriptions for acute pain. But not everyone was on board. The senator received backlash from pain patients who decried the policy they believe is damaging.

Abandoned at 18: The Young People Denied Mental Health Support Because They Are 'Adults' [Guardian]
The Guardian details the painstaking process of accessing mental health care as a young person turning 18 in the UK. "If you had to pick the worst moment in a troubled young person's life to withdraw the help they have been receiving... the age of 18 may well be it."

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