Morning Roundup: Mar. 14, 2019

By The Fix staff 03/14/19

Kentucky bourbon distillery owner charged in college admissions scheme, opioid litigation reveals company secrets, $77 million cocaine bust contradicts Trump's border wall argument.

bourbon distillery owner charged
A bourbon distillery owner is accused of bribing her son's way into college. Alexey Stiop |

Kentucky Bourbon Distillery Owner Charged in College Cheating Scam [Courier Journal]
Marci Palatella was indicted alongside other wealthy and famous parents involved in a college admissions scam. Palatella allegedly paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to help her son cheat on a college entrance exam. 

Could You Become an Opioid Addict? We May Soon Have a Test for That. []
A New Jersey research institute is trying to crack the genetic code underlying opioid addiction. The goal is to be able to identify genetic factors that can predict a person's risk of developing opioid addiction.  

Worcester a Model for US Communities Fighting Hepatitis Outbreaks [WBUR]
Determined to shed the nickname "Hepatitisville," this Massachusetts city was prepared for its latest hepatitis outbreak. A coordinated effort that included long-term outreach to homeless people and drug users was able to control the number of confirmed cases.

Opioid Litigation Brings Company Secrets Into the Public Eye [NPR]
Companies like Purdue Pharma are finding it difficult to maintain their reputations, as cities and states mount lawsuit after lawsuit against them for exacerbating the opioid crisis. We are learning more about these companies' inner workings, and it's not a pretty sight.   

Why Beating Your Phone Addiction May Come at a Cost [Guardian]
With the growth of the "digital wellness" movement, some worry that not enough responsibility is being placed on the companies that fuel our technology obsessions. Apps help us limit screen time, but what about design ethics?

Let All Doctors Prescribe Buprenorphine for Opioid Use Disorder [STAT News]
Deregulating buprenorphine will save many lives, according to this op-ed. There are currently a number of barriers that have deterred more doctors from being able to prescribe the drug. 

Massive $77M Cocaine Bust Underscores Inconvenient Truth for Trump [Washington Post]
Not long after Trump claimed that "big drug loads don't go through ports of entry," authorities made a historically large drug bust on Monday—unveiling more than 3,000 pounds of cocaine.

Bucknell Professor Battled Addiction in Her 20s. Then She Used Neuroscience to Understand It. [Inquirer]
As a young woman, Judith Grisel learned in rehab that substance use disorder was a disease, not a moral failing. This inspired her to explore the neuroscience of addiction.

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