Morning Roundup: Mar. 12, 2019

By The Fix staff 03/12/19

A widow of an alcoholic reflects on her husband's life, fashion show built on recovery going on its 10th year, photographer creates intimate portraits of Philadelphia drug users.

thrifting for recovery
Thrift stores that are built for recovery, and run by people in recovery. Gabe9000c |

Why I Stayed: A Widow of an Alcoholic Reflects [Next Avenue]
Most wives would have left, but she stayed. "I'm an enabler if I drive him to an AA meeting and a bad partner if I leave him to pursue his favorite pastime." 

Fashion Show Helps People Battling Addiction By Giving Old Clothes a New Life [New Orleans Advocate]
Recovery-run thrift stores provided the wardrobe of the 10th annual Recycled Fashion Show. Designers on a budget were challenged to repurpose the apparel for the fashion show.

3 Things I Learned Covering the Opioid Crisis in Dayton [Dayton Daily News]
A reporter reflects on lessons learned while reporting on drug abuse in Dayton, Ohio. "Many people in recovery want to give back."

Sucked Into a Mental Health System Black Hole—The Dark Reality of Abuse, Addiction, Recovery [ABC]
A mother is jealous when her daughter's boyfriend is put in jail—it is an opportunity to get well. Her daughter suffers psychosis and substance abuse. 

A Photographer's Portrait of Addiction and Recovery [Hyperallergic]
The people of Kensington Avenue in Philadelphia are featured in this photography series. These intimate portraits shine a light on the people who frequent one of the largest heroin markets on the East Coast. 

To Help Fight Opioid Addiction, Bill Would Add Chiropractic Coverage to Arizona's Medicaid [AZ Central]
The Arizona Legislature is considering adding chiropractic care to Medicaid—making it easier to receive treatment for chronic pain without having to pay out of pocket.

Show Up Drunk: Indictments Spotlight Prison Rehab Scams [WITF]
Three "prison consultants" who helped people cheat the criminal justice system are among the first to be indicted—for helping inmates qualify for the prison recovery program by faking a substance abuse problem, for a chance at a reduced sentence. 

After My Sister's Death, There's No Formula for Healing. But There Is a Way You Can Help. [USA Today]
It's not easy to find the right words to comfort a grieving friend or family member. "The most helpful thing that people have done for me was to just be in my life."

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