Morning Roundup: Mar. 11, 2019

By The Fix staff 03/11/19

Healthcare providers say opioid guidelines are harming pain patients, Tennessee man gets 20 years for selling fentanyl, Denver hospital among few that provide comprehensive addiction care.

mental health support
Mental health is just as important. Andrea De Martin |

Healthcare Providers Say CDC's Opioid Guidelines Are Harming Pain Patients [Washington Post]
Patients living with chronic pain are suffering as a result of the CDC's efforts to crack down on opioid overprescribing, say healthcare providers. 

Mental Health Treatment Denied to Customers by Giant Insurer's Policies, Judge Rules [NY Times]
A judge ruled that a major insurer had discriminated against patients with mental health and substance use disorders for financial gain. A final judgment is expected in the coming months.

ACLU Report: Schools Short-Staff Mental Health Services While Over-Policing Students [The Notebook]
Police have a larger presence in schools than mental health workers, a new report reveals. This dynamic is harmful and creates a "poorer school climate," the ACLU says.

Tennessee Man Gets 20 Years for Selling Deadly Dose of Opioid [WSMV]
A 32-year-old man received a mandatory minimum sentence for selling fentanyl to a man who fatally overdosed on the drug. Cortez Armstrong pleaded guilty to the charge in September. 

Denver Health's 'Treatment on Demand' Wants to Fast Track Addiction Help in the ER [CPR]
A Denver hospital is home to one of the few emergency departments in the country that treats patients with buprenorphine, when they are admitted for drug overdoses. The hospital follows up with patients even after they are discharged.

Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs Promotes Mental Health Resources for Vets [WSAW]
This community recently discussed the importance of supporting military veterans. Through the Veterans Outreach and Recovery Program, vets are provided a range of services, with an emphasis on mental health.

Senate Holds Hearing on Federal Funding Used by States in Opioid Crisis [Policy & Medicine]
This week a U.S. Senate subcommittee reviewed how federal funding has been applied in state and local governments to address the national opioid crisis. Experts emphasized Medicaid expansion and allowing states to choose how to distribute the funding.

Mobile Addiction Clinic Brings Help to Those at Heart of Opioid Epidemic [CNN]
CNN highlights the work of a mobile addiction clinic in Pennsylvania. The traveling clinic allows more patients to have access to important medications. 

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