Morning Roundup: June 5, 2019

By The Fix staff 06/05/19

Global arm of Purdue Pharma caught up in Italian corruption case, researchers pose as heroin users to find treatment gaps, Girl and Tonic blogger gave up drinking and bought a house.

woman with hangover
Leaving the city was a good choice. Kiosea39 |

Meet the Women Fighting for Gender Equality in Addiction Treatment [Pacific Standard]
What set of challenges do women face that men don't, regarding substance abuse? Tessie Castillo reports from the community of Wilmington, North Carolina.

DEA to Ask Congress to Classify Illicit Fentanyl Like Heroin [Reuters]
A new proposal targets fentanyl analogues, hoping to boost enforcement of these illicit fentanyl "knock-offs." An emergency order that placed all fentanyl analogues in the Schedule I drug category is set to expire next year.

This New Sobriety School Will Change the Way You Think About Drinking [Vogue]
"Women are getting fed up with being spoon-fed an idea that alcohol is a healthy and necessary part of every facet of our existence." There are increasingly new ways to do recovery. This is one of them. 

Researchers Pose as Heroin Users to Find Treatment Gaps [ABC News]
A new study sheds light on the challenges of someone seeking help for substance use disorder. Posing as heroin users seeking treatment, the research team revealed significant flaws in the system. 

Perspective: The Day Heroin Tried to Steal My Arm [OZY]
"It's good you came because if you hadn't you more than likely would have lost your arm at the elbow." Coming out of the ER, buying more heroin, and lining up at the mobile clinic for clean gear.

Commentary: Yes, Drug-Assisted Treatment Is Needed for Addicts in US Prisons [Grand Forks Herald]
What is the purpose of the criminal justice system? Punishment? Deterrence? Rehabilitation? Redemption? Providing treatment to the incarcerated, one population with a high prevalence of substance use disorder, is being considered more often.

Girl and Tonic Blogger: 'Giving Up Booze Helped Me Buy My House' [BBC]
Blogger Girl and Tonic gave up drinking and saw the money pile up. "I saw quite quickly that I was saving money." She traded her life in London for a quieter existence away from the city.

Foreign Arm of Purdue Pharma Caught Up in Opioid Probe in Europe [Associated Press]
Managers with Mundipharma, the international arm of Purdue Pharma, have been criminally implicated in Italy—accused of giving kickbacks to a doctor at the center of the corruption case. Dr. Guido Fanelli helped Mundipharma promote painkillers.

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