Morning Roundup: June 12, 2019

By The Fix staff 06/12/19

Esketamine depression drug went through flawed approval process, birth of first grandchild pushes woman to recovery, Russian journalist's drug arrest triggers national outcry.

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Russian Journalist Arrested on Drug Charges: The Backlash Blindsided the Kremlin [CNN]
The arrest of investigative journalist Ivan Golunov on drug charges has sparked a national outcry in Russia. "It's not just the latest attack on freedom of speech, it's a signal to all of us: Any one of us can be arrested."  

FDA Overlooked Red Flags in Testing of New Depression Drug [Daily Beast]
When the Food and Drug Administration approved esketamine (a chemical cousin of ketamine) for intractable depression, the decision was well-received. However, this report reveals that the approval process was flawed.

'Without My Daughter, Drinking Would Have Been a Problem': Patton Oswalt on Bereavement [Guardian]
Comedian Patton Oswalt on life after his wife's passing, how he is coping, and finding love again. He said that if he didn't have his daughter Alice, "I don't think I'd be functioning very well. Drinking would have been a problem..." 

As Illinois Expands Gambling, It Will Also Try to Determine How Many Gambling Addicts It Has [ProPublica]
Illinois is poised to expand gambling opportunities, but how will that affect gambling addiction in the state? Hoping to offset the impact of increased gambling, Governor Pritzker said the state will allocate funding toward treatment programs.

Insys Files for Chapter 11, Days After Landmark Opioid Settlement of $225 Million [NPR]
Disgraced drug maker Insys Therapeutics has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after agreeing to pay a $225 million settlement. What does this mean for the company?

After Husbands' Suicides, 'Best Widow Friends' Want Police Officers to Reach for Help [NPR]
A group of women widowed by police suicide are bringing light to the struggles of police officers, who are "more likely to die of suicide than they are to be killed by an assailant." The four widows shared their stories with NPR.

Perspective: My Mum Was an Addict. I Know the Pain and Suffering They Can Cause. [Guardian]
"As a child, I could start the day loving my mum and end it hating her. Alcohol changes people." Labour MP, Caroline Flint's story of growing up in the shadow of her mother's substance abuse.

Parted from Children Due to Drugs, Woman Became Sober After Grandchild's Birth [Wisconsin State Journal]
The long road from addiction, multiple attempts at recovery and losing touch with children, to the birth of a first grandchild and the impact that that had. "I did not want my grandkids to be without their granny."

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