Morning Roundup: July 9, 2019

By The Fix staff 07/09/19

Athletes open up about mental health. High schooler throws massive sober house party. Simon Pegg: 'I don't think you ever really lose your demons.'

Professional athletes have something to say about mental health. ID 68891537 © Yobro10 |

Athletes Are Opening Up About Their Mental Health Journeys. Here's Why That's Important. [Fast Company]
The pressure to perform and the visibility of today's professional athletes make them susceptible to mental health struggles. A report on the state of mental health in athletics.

How Secondhand Drinking Ruins Lives: 'Every Family Has Been Touched By This' [Guardian]
While the concept of secondhand smoking is familiar, secondhand drinking is a growing field of study. "There is undoubtedly harm from secondhand smoke, but the range and magnitude of harms is likely to be even grater from alcohol."

Simon Pegg on Alcohol and Depression: 'I Don't Think You Ever Really Lose Your Demons' [Independent]
"No matter what I did.   You just try to find a way to keep them in their place." Actor Simon Pegg talks about depression and substance abuse in a new interview

Mental Health Crisis Training Helps ASU Police Respond to Students in Crisis [The State Press]
Some Arizona State University police officers receive special training on how to approach students experiencing a mental health crisis. "It makes me more compassionate to the people I run into on the street."

With Funded Internships, Students Work with Addiction, Mental Illness, and Aging [Bowdoin News]
This summer, some Bowdoin College students are working to help people who are struggling with substance abuse and mental health in their Maine community. The college's intersnship program is helping fund the students' work.

Yumi Stynes' Open Letter to Anyone Trying to Quit Drinking Alcohol [ABC]
Australian TV personality Yumi Stynes offers some words of encouragement to those who are quitting alcohol. "I made it thorugh, and it's been two and a half years."

High Schooler Throws 'Sober Party' for Peers from Six Area High Schools [WYFF]
A South Carolina high schooler threw a huge party for his fellow teenagers to show them that they don't need drugs or alcohol to have a good time. "We were talking about how a lot of teenagers feel pressured into thinking they can only host a party if there's alcohol, drugs."

Perspective: Sobriety Didn't Fix Everything—But It Gave Me a Do-Over [Flare]
One perspective on sobriety. "Sobriety turned a mirror on myself, and things I'd been used to pushing down and avoiding came creeping back. I didn't realize how emotionally stunted I'd become."

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