Morning Roundup: July 8, 2019

By The Fix staff 07/08/19

Most people smoke marijuana for a good night's sleep, parent of teen who fatally OD'ed sues police department and school district, why Pride should also celebrate sober. 

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Pride Should Be Celebrated, But Let's Make It Accessible for Sober People [Rights Info]
Substance abuse disproportionately affects the LGBTQ community. However, drinking while celebrating Pride is still the norm. "So what happens if you are LGBTQ and don't drink booze?"

Most People Smoke Weed to Relieve Pain or Go to Sleep [Rolling Stone]
A new survey revealed the shocking truth about why people smoke marijuana: they just want a good night's sleep. Many of the respondents, retail marijuana shoppers in Colorado, also use marijuana for pain relief. 

Vancouver Coastal Health Opens First OD Prevention Site Outside Vancouver [City News]
The Canadian health agency that oversees almost 25% of the population of British Columbia province has, for the first time, opened a new overdose prevention site beyond Vancouver—in a small city with the region's highest opioid-overdose death rate.

Parent of Park City Teen Who Died of Overdose Sues Police Department and School District [KPCW]
The deaths of two 13-year-old boys in Park City were caused by a fatal overdose of the illicit opioid substance U-47700. Now the father of Ryan Ainsworth, one of the boys, is suing, alleging that he was not provided information that could have saved his son's life.

Young Okanagan Resident's Fatal Overdose Inspires Community Service Award [Keremeos Review]
"He was doing all the right things. He was really a nice kid, he just had his struggles." In honor of Jake Langille, the Make a Difference Award is given to students who exemplify kindness and empathy in their community.

US Answer to Opioid Crisis May Lie in Revolutionary Programs of Europe's 'Heroin Capital' [Citizen Truth]
A feature on Portugal's success with a public health approach to drug abuse. Could this model work in the U.S.?

Perspective: My Son Was Born Addicted. A Safe Supply of Opiates Gave Him a Future. [CBC]
A baby boy born dependent on drugs was given a supply of morphine with medical supervision, in order to stabilize him. He eventually tapered off the drug. "Without that, his life would have likely been painful and short." 

Judge Rejects Mexican Drug Lord El Chapo's Bid for New Trial [NBC News]
Citing a tainted jury, notorious drug lord El Chapo requested a new trial after being convicted of murder conspiracy and drug trafficking charges. He was denied.

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