Morning Roundup: July 5, 2019

By The Fix staff 07/05/19

Commercializing psychedelics? Survey gauges drug users' willingness to take part in safe consumption. Gambling companies dedicate funding toward addiction treatment.

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Understanding the Language of Addiction [Harvard Health]
Words matter. Here's a review of addiction terminology. Defining tolerance, physical dependence, and withdrawal

Gambling Firms Commit $75 Million a Year to Treating Addicts [Independent]
Five of the UK's largest gambling companies will dedicate around £60 million every year toward gambling addiction treatment. The industry, that reaped about £14.5 billion last year, is responding to the growing call for companies to fund treatment.

Yale Expert Delivers Talk at White House on Role of Addiction Specialists in Hospitals [Yale News]
During a meeting regarding White House opioid policy, Dr. Jeanette Tetrault of the Yale School of Medicine focused on the role of addiction medicine specialists in emergency departments. "It is where the patients are."

Study Asks High-Risk Opioid Users if They'd Take Advantage of Safe Consumption Sites [Johns Hopkins University]
Most people who use heroin and fentanyl would take advantage of SIFs, according to new findings. The survey covered people from Baltimore, Boston and Providence. "We found a strong willingness to use safe consumption spaces."

Student News: Prescription Pill Addiction, Struggling Teens Need a Lifesaver [Santa Monica Daily Press]
Three Olympia high schoolers give their perspective on prescription pill abuse among Santa Monica students. "Teens are abusing prescription pills over other drugs because of their accessibility."

A German Financier Wants to Turn Magic Mushrooms Into Modern Medicine [STAT News]
"It was the single most meaningful thing I've ever done or experienced in my life," said 40-year-old Christian Angermayer said of his first psychedelic trip. He's now one of a group of people investing in commercializing psychedelic substances.

Four Years Sober, Recovering Heroin User Shifts Focus to Saving Other Lives [KVPR]
"For everyday problems, there's not a lot of services... let alone services for people that have substance use disorders or alcoholism or mental health disorders." The Naloxone Distribution Project has so far distributed more than 214,000 naloxone kits throughout California.

'Cultural Shame' Is Stopping Australia's Migrants from Getting Help With Ice Addiction [SBS News]
Migrant communities struggle to receive help for drug abuse due to language/cultural barriers. SBS tells the story of one man, Fawad Raoofi, who overcame his addiction to ice (crystal methamphetamine) and now helps others in the community.

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