Morning Roundup: July 30, 2019

By The Fix staff 07/30/19

Decorative snow globes sneak liquid methamphetamine. A recovery-based argument for supporting safe drug consumption. Military service members arrested in human smuggling and drug probe.

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Tennessee Town Dispels 'Meth-Gator' Myth [BBC]
A police bulletin warning the public of "meth gators" went viral, but the joke was lost on many people. An environmental expert confirmed that a staggering amount of methamphetamine would need to be flushed down the toilet to create gators on speed.

Cardinal Health: A Billion Pills in 8 Years, But No Role in Ohio's Opioid Crisis? [Columbus Dispatch]
Between 2006-2012, Cardinal Health distributed more than 10 billion opioid pills across the United States. Meanwhile, the company maintains that it is not liable for fueling the opioid crisis.

Hip and Sober: The Mocktail Generation [CBC]
The emergence of the "sober curious" or "mocktail" movement has shown no sign of slowing down. "[These trends] have influenced the culture and created more opportunities and made it more possible for people to choose to be abstinent."

As the Nation's Opioid Crisis Grew, The Pills Got Stronger [AP News]
Not only were a shocking amount of opioid pills sold, distributed and prescribed across the U.S. increase over the last decade, their potency was also rising. "It shows it wasn't just the number of pills being shipped that increased."

Drug Smugglers on High Seas Prosecuted in North Texas [CBS DFW]
Drug smugglers caught at sea are being prosecuted in North Texas. Whether smugglers transport their illicit cargo by submarine or fishing boat, the law allows the U.S. Coast Guard to stop vessels in international waters. 

Opinion: Why Those of Us Who Choose Sobriety Should Back Safe Consumption Sites [Filter]
In defense of "safe consumption." AIDS United was among those that pledged their support for Safehouse, a safe consumption site fighting for the right to establish itself in Philadelphia. 

Australian Border Officials Find $1 Million in Liquid Meth Inside Snow Globes [CNN]
More than $1 million worth of liquid methamphetamine was intercepted en route to Australia from Canada. The drugs were concealed inside 15 snow globes.

19 Camp Pendleton Marines Arrested for Human Smuggling, Drug Crimes []
Nineteen service members have been arrested in a human smuggling and drug investigation. They are being held at Camp Pendleton base in San Diego County.

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