Morning Roundup: July 25, 2019

By The Fix staff 07/25/19

Ice cream truck driver got a second chance and is now living his best life. Recovery chain worker pleads guilty to fentanyl trafficking. FDA accused of withholding data on "abuse-deterrent" version of OxyContin.

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Kentucky Doctor Says Data for Revamped OxyContin Hasn't Been Made Available [Courier Journal]
A new formulation of OxyContin designed to deter abuse (snorting and injecting) was approved by the FDA almost a decade ago, but the FDA and Purdue Pharma have delayed the release of the data on the drug, despite being asked to release it "40 or 50 times in the last four or five years."

Perspective: For Years, Alcohol Was My Only Comfort. Then It Nearly Killed Me. [NY Times]
"For the first time in many years, I wanted to live more than I wanted to drink. I found myself in this weird dilemma: I could no longer see myself drinking, but I had no idea how to live my life without alcohol."

After Years of Struggling with Opioids, This Town Is Facing a Not-So-New Epidemic: Meth [WV Public Broadcasting]
Meth has returned to this small West Virginia town, where it has overtaken opioid abuse. "It's not Clarksburg anymore. It's Methburg." 

'I Really Love Life Now': Ice Cream Truck Driver Describes New, Substance-Free Life [KRCG]
Despite having a long history of alcohol and drug abuse, exacerbated by a broken pelvis and fentanyl patches, Michael Diaz is staying the course by working in his ice cream truck, exercising and spending time with his children. His life was turned around by the Justice Reinvestment Initiative.

Top Employee of Granite Recovery Centers Pleads Guilty to Fentanyl Trafficking [NHPR]
Former NFL player and employee of a New Hampshire chain of recovery facilities, Jeff Hatch, pleaded guilty to fentanyl trafficking. Hatch struggled with substance use disorder following football injuries.

Sober Curious: Why These Canadians Said Goodbye to Booze [Global News]
Canada gets "sober curious." Whether for health reasons or to get ahead of family alcoholism, these young Canadians explain why they decided to say "no" to alcohol.

'Out of Options': Vancouver Woman Shares Hope for Recovery at Her Life's Suspected End [KCBY]
Waking up from her third coma, Alee Hines speaks with regret. "Disappointed in myself. Because I'm only 25. And I wish I would've done things different." She was told that nothing more can be done for her health—the result of years of drug abuse. 

Pet Owners Find New Challenges Filling Prescriptions Over New Opioid Laws [CBS Minnesota]
Minnesota's new opioid law places a time limit on prescriptions for people and pets. "They wouldn't refill my medication because it had been more than 30 days since his last refill," said one pet owner whose cocker spaniel requires Tramadol for a degenerative disc disease.

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