Morning Roundup: July 23, 2019

By The Fix staff 07/23/19

Patients speak out in wake of recent methadone clinic shooting. Kaiser Chiefs' frontman talks The Voice, anxiety and becoming sober. Costa Rica blames 19 deaths on tainted alcohol.

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Hospitals Put Native Americans at Opioid Risk, Audit Says [ABC News]
Government hospitals serving Native American communities have failed to practice responsible opioid prescribing. This has put this population at a greater risk for opioid abuse and overdose. 

Costa Rica Blames 19 Deaths on Tainted Alcohol [USA Today]
Methanol poisoning has claimed nineteen lives in Costa Rica. Methanol is an ingredient in counterfeit liquor. Turkey, India, Norway and the Czech Republic have also seen methanol poisoning outbreaks, resulting in hundreds of deaths.

Ricky Wilson of Kaiser Chiefs: 'People Like to See You Drinking—So I'd Get Drunk' [Guardian]
The frontman of the band Kaiser Chiefs, Ricky Wilson, goes in-depth about dealing with anxiety and overcoming his "embarrassing" drinking. "When you don't drink... you suddenly meet a lot more people who are in the same boat as you."

After Deadly Shooting at Methadone Clinic, A Different Kind of Recovery Takes Shape [Washington Post]
A recent shooting attack at a Baltimore methadone clinic has jarred the community and raised the matter of safety when dealing with "agitated" patients. The Washington Post interviewed several patients of the oldest methadone clinic in Maryland. 

Opinion: When Addiction Is Stigmatized and Criminalized We All Lose [CATO Institute]
Functioning addicts—"if they live in the right neighborhood, have the economic means, and the right connections, can keep their lifestyle private, avoiding not only the ostracism that comes with the stigma of addiction but victimization by the criminal justice system as well."

Prescription Drugs at Home Are Fueling the Addiction Crisis Among Kids, Teens [Forbes]
A group of studies explored prescription drug misuse among adolescents, and where they obtain the drugs from. "The implications from these two studies could not be clearer." 

'My Heart Still Beats': An Intimate Conversation on Addiction and Recovery [VPR]
Six Vermonters share how they have been affected by substance abuse and recovery in the podcast series My Heart Still Beats. Hear all six storytellers on the podcast by clicking through.

UK Home Secretary Urged to Introduce Drug Rooms to Save Lives [Guardian]
In the wake of shocking statistics about Scotland's drug-related death rate, government officials are urging the UK's Home Secretary to allow drug consumption rooms (DCR) "to reduce crime and save lives."

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