Morning Roundup: July 17, 2019

By The Fix staff 07/17/19

Scotland has highest drug death rate in the EU, police officer overdosed while on duty, acclaimed poet explores family addiction.

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Perspective: My Child Recovered From Her Addiction. But I'm Not Sure I Ever Really Will. [Huffington Post]
"I would lie awake at night, my stomach in knots, agonizing over the thought that she might be hurt, she might be sick. She might be dead." A mother has a hard time letting go of the fear and anxiety that she felt in the throes of her daughter's addiction.

Scotland Has Highest Drug Death Rate in EU [BBC]
Scotland, Estonia and Sweden top the list. Heroin, diazepam and etizolam were responsible for the majority of Scotland's drug-related fatalities. 

Poet Kate Daniels Explores Addiction as a Family Illness [Nashville Scene]
In the Months of My Son's Recovery is about loss. "Even if your addicted loved one doesn't die from the affliction, or disappear from your life, there is always loss involved: loss of trust, loss of hopes for the future, loss of promise and potential..."

How the Opioid Crisis Arrived at New York's Commuter Hubs [NY Times]
More people struggling with substance abuse are drawn to New York City's major transit hubs, including Penn Station and the Port Authority Bus Terminal. As one counselor said, "They're dope refugees. They're looking for a better life."

Perspective: The Sober Curious Lawyer [Above the Law]
An expert on attorney ethics, Megan Zavieh, is hoping that the "sober curious" movement will take root in the legal profession. "I have learned that I am not the only one with reluctance to drink." 

A New Jersey Cop Overdosed on Heroin in a Patrol Car While on Duty. He was Fired. [USA Today]
A police officer who was found unconscious in the driver's seat of his patrol car has pleaded guilty to possession of heroin and driving while intoxicated while on duty. He was revived by another officer who administered naloxone.

Perspective: Teetotaler Tells All About Life Without Alcohol [Buffalo News]
For this writer, drinking was never an option. Alongside her husband, who quit drinking a lifetime ago, she says they like to see other people drinking and having a good time.

Heartland High: Ohio's First School for Students with Addiction [WOSU]
A new recovery high school has cropped up in Columbus, Ohio. The small inaugural class now has the opportunity to practice their recovery away from the peer pressure of a normal high school. 

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