Morning Roundup: Jan. 31, 2019

By The Fix staff 01/31/19

Football fans urged to make sober ride part of Super Bowl game plan, DMX criticizes current rappers who promote drug use, man locked up for Tide laundry detergent.

laundry detergent or heroin?
Laundry detergent or heroin? Roman Tiraspolsky |

Florida Man Spent 41 Days in Jail for Heroin. But It Was Actually Detergent, Cops Say. [Miami Herald]
A police officer mistook Tide laundry detergent for heroin, landing a Florida man in jail for over a month. 

Football Fans Urged to Make a Sober Ride Part of Their Super Bowl Game Plan [AP News]
"Plan While You Can" is the message Texas officials are sending to Super Bowl revelers. "If you plan to drink alcohol, plan ahead for a sober ride."

How Poetry and Art Are Helping to Cure Addiction [BBC]
In London, artists and poets gathered for a public forum to celebrate recovery. Through spoken word, poetry and art, "Journey to Recovery" is bringing the community together in solidarity and support.

DMX Speaks on Cocaine Addiction and How Current Rap Is 'All About Promoting Drugs' [HipHopDX]
In a new interview, rapper DMX says new rap artists are promoting drug use. "You ain't gotta promote it like it's cool."

The White Stuff: Why Britain Can't Get Enough Cocaine [Guardian]
As cocaine has become cheaper, more plentiful, and better quality, use of the drug is on the rise. Consequently, cocaine-related problems are also increasing. 

Only One Witness Testified in El Chapo's Defense, and It Wasn't the Drug Lord [CNN]
As the trial of drug lord El Chapo wraps up, the jury is expected to begin deliberations Friday. Joaquin Guzman is charged with international drug trafficking, conspiring to murder rivals, gun charges and money laundering.

Addressing Prescription Drug Addiction in Older Adults [US News]
Prescription drugs are a problem for older adults as well. Seniors face certain risks that stem from difficulty metabolizing certain drugs, and vulnerability to becoming addicted to long-term prescriptions. 

Nashville Opens No-Fee Crisis Center for Mental Health [Nashville Public Radio]
A new 24-hour facility will serve as an emergency room for anyone in a mental health crisis. The facility will allow police to drop off arrestees in need of a psychiatric evaluation.

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