Morning Roundup: Jan. 14, 2019

By The Fix staff 01/14/19

El Chapo traffickers say they don't smuggle drugs through border wall gaps, New York to raise smoking (and vaping) age to 21, woman in Walmart banned for driving cart while drinking wine from a Pringle's can.

A wall won't stop drug smugglers, who either use tunnels or sneak it in right under authorities' noses in hidden compartments. Mike2focus |

Traffickers at the El Chapo trial say drugs aren't smuggled through open parts of the border [CNN]
Contrary to what advocates for Trump's wall say, drugs smuggled in by Mexican cartels are actually either brought in by tunnel or through checkpoints via hidden compartments.

Sen. Bernie Sanders says 'we will end' Big Pharma 'greed' as lawmakers push bills aimed at slashing prescription drug prices [CNBC]
The senator says Democrats will aim to lower the cost of prescription drugs with their new position in the House.

Film festival aims to reduce marijuana stigma as New York moves closer to legalization [CBS]
Bolstered by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's newfound focus on marijuana legalization, the festival's organizers are hoping their event will be big enough to push legalization forward in the country.

New York could soon raise the smoking (and vaping) age to 21 [Democrat & Chronicle]
An initiative backed by Governor Cuomo aims to curb youth smoking and nicotine use.

Women film themselves smoking meth in school carpark in US [Newshub]
A self-shot video of women smoking meth in the parking lot of a school has gone viral.

That’ll show him. Mom arrested after allegedly driving drunk to teach son a lesson [Lexington Herald Leader]
Allegedly attempting to discipline her son, a very drunk woman put her him in her BMW X1 and drove around in a way that terrified him so much he attempted several times in vain to exit the locked vehicle.

Texas Walmart bans woman accused of drinking wine from Pringles can while riding electric cart [Dallas News]
A woman in a Texas Walmart faces consequences after driving (an electric cart) while drinking wine (out of a Pringles can).

Bud Light becomes first American beer labeled with nutritional facts [The Takeout]
Bud Light is the first beer to not skimp on the health info right on the label.

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