Morning Roundup: Feb. 7, 2019

By The Fix staff 02/07/19

Ex-DEA agent has change of heart after daughter's struggles, Mexico attacks drug traffickers by helping farmers, OxyContin drug maker settlement will fund public health initiatives.

farmers rely on opium poppies
A new strategy against drug traffickers. Micka |

After Daughter's Fatal Overdose, Ex-DEA Officer Turns Focus to Treatment [NBC Los Angeles]
For 30 years as a DEA agent, Kevin Simmers fought the war on drugs. But his own daughter's battle with drug addiction made him have a change of heart.

Make the Call: Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Suicide Prevention Resources [WFMY]
A North Carolina media outlet is reminding local residents that there is help out there. Suicide is the leading cause of death for people between 15-34 in the state.

As Opium Poppies Bloom, Mexico Seeks to Halt Heroin Trade [US News]
By supporting farmers, new leadership in Mexico is targeting drug trafficking from a new angle. Drug traffickers keep the bulk of the profits while farmers struggle to survive.

Poll: 3 in 10 Kentucky Residents Say They Knew a Drug User [Cincinnati Enquirer]
How many Kentuckians are affected by drug use? Which drugs are affecting people the most? A new poll has the answers.

Judge Orders Drug Treatment for Nurse Charged with Writing Illegal Prescriptions [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]
A nurse practitioner will leave jail for a drug treatment center, a judge ruled. Larry Goisse was arrested by the Drug Enforcement Administration and forced to surrender his DEA registration number.

Program Helps New Mothers Struggling with Opioid Addiction [CBS Boston]
A new program has launched for women and mothers struggling with addiction. New mothers addicted to opioids are at a higher risk for an overdose.

$1.5M of Purdue Pharma Settlement Funds Support Drug Prevention, Treatment [NKY Tribune]
As part of a much larger settlement with the OxyContin maker, Kentucky officials are distributing the money to public health initiatives—including drug use prevention and treatment.

'Truth Takes Courage': A Sobering Account of Overcoming Addiction [East Coast Radio]
A woman with 14 years of recovery spent much of her life hiding her struggles. But when she finally opened up, she realized she was not alone. 

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