Morning Roundup: Feb. 5, 2019

By The Fix staff 02/05/19

Israeli medical cannabis coming to US, Rob Delaney celebrates 17 years of sobriety, details of Sinaloa cartel's drug smuggling empire revealed in El Chapo trial.

israel medical cannabis in US
Over a decade in the works. Kyle Taisacan |

Dear Abby: Addict's Daughter Disapproves When Her Husband Drinks [Chicago Sun-Times]
A moderately drinking husband is frustrated by his wife's aversion to alcohol. "Every time I drink, she gets very judgmental."

Rob Delaney Celebrates 17 Years of Sobriety After Son's Recent Death [Page Six]
Comedian Rob Delaney remained sober after the tragic death of his young son. "Had I not been sober it would have been far worse." 

After Decade of Testing, Israeli Medical Cannabis Comes to the US [Forbes]
An Israeli company is bringing its line of medical cannabis products to the U.S. The company has been studying medical cannabis for over a decade in the marijuana-friendly country.

Salem Teens Head to Grammys for Songs About Addiction, Mental Health [Statesman Journal]
Three teenage rappers won the opportunity to attend this year's Grammy Awards for their songs about addiction and mental health. 

El Chapo Trial Gives Deep Look Inside the Sinaloa Cartel's Drug Empire [Washington Post]
The trial of drug kingpin El Chapo has revealed the elaborate system of drug smuggling behind the billion-dollar empire. Jurors are now deliberating on the fate of the notorious drug lord.

Appalachia's Fight to Lessen the Impact of Substance Abuse [Scientific American]
This report asks why harm reduction initiatives in Appalachia have fallen short. The programs were established to counteract rising levels of HCV infection in the region.

Interested in Harm Reduction? Check Out These Essential Resources [EDM Identity]
Drug experimentation inevitably comes with risks. These resources serve to reduce harm by educating and empowering drug users.

Huge Cocaine Shipment Swapped with Salt to Catch Traffickers [Guardian]
In the largest drug seizure in Italy in 25 years, police confiscated more than $500 million worth of cocaine.

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